Effin shop assistant in Jewellers in Limerick

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shiraz Posts: 770
Was in a Jewellers in Limerick today(wont be named,because im afraid i'll get into trouble).Its a fancy enough one!Anyways I had spotted a fab chain and earrings about 2 months ago there that would be perfect for my wedding day :lvs I had saved the €1350(in total) so I went off skipping to Limerick hoping that they would still be there.I was delighted when I saw them in the window before I went in :o)ll Tried them on and they were just perfect :lvs Before I purchased them a middle aged lady who was dripping in diamonds came over and said "The earrings are a bit too long on you arent they?"I replied"Oh no,they are just perfect ,im getting married next year etc etc""I explained that the dress was very simple and that they would be absolutely perfect with it" She then went onto say-"Why dont you have a look at our pearl range?"I told her Im not a lover of pearls etc.She said"Oh most brides usually go for pearls,try them on"!."and I bet you will love them".So I did for her sake and I said "No thanks i dont like them""Oh but they suit you better"!For eff sake,would she have just have left me the f**K alone and let me buy the effin jewellery that I liked O:| >:o( O:| >:o( Eventually I just walked out and she was down a sale of €1350.Jesus Christ im sooo mad!!!! >:o( >:o( >:o(
grumpy Posts: 1280
That is strange, and rude. Was she trying to make a bigger sale? Maybe she did think they didn't suit you, but ffs, you were pretty clear about your choice. Stupid bint. Can you get them anywhere else? If not, I'd have to go back and get them, much as it would kill me, I mean, you have your heart set on them and spent a while saving.
shiraz Posts: 770
Hiya Grumpy :wv Ive coooled down since my mad rant :o0 Sorry about that!Its just I had a t-shirt and jeans on so mabe they looked a bit off with what I was wearing!I know she was intitled to her opinion but come on ffs,get the fecking hint-I dont like pearls!!!I still looove the necklace and earrings that I liked though.I might send my sis in 2 get them
peachesbride Posts: 110
You should go back in and buy what you want. Fup her and her opinions, why should you miss out on the buzz of buying something that you really want and love over some stupid eejit who wouldn't know her elbow from her backside.
MammyC Posts: 3621
She isnt wearing them you are, so it really doesnt matter what she thinks, now go in and make her work for her money, keep asking to see loads of different things, I work in retail and trust me she will soon be sorry. >:o)
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
Hi Smiles. As far as I know, it's bad luck for brides to wear pearls on their wedding day so the "assistant" (and I mean that in the loosest sense of the word) didn't have clue what she was talking about! Jebus, if you had picked the jewelery and said that was want you wanted why the F*&K did she keep banning on about it!! Horrible woman!!! You should have asked to speak to the manager, that might have sofened her cough for her!
Delish Posts: 4176
middle aged women are mad, my aunt called over to my house and started telling me about the types of wedding dresses she disliked, she could have been describing my favourite ones :o0 :o0 . Keep you feckin opinions to yourself you old biddy >:o(
MammyC Posts: 3621
[quote="Delish":1ctrwg96]middle aged women are mad, my aunt called over to my house and started telling me about the types of wedding dresses she disliked, she could have been describing my favourite ones :o0 :o0 . Keep you Flip opinions to yourself you old biddy >:o([/quote:1ctrwg96] :o0 :o0 People do this all the time and Im sitting there thinking you could be so shame faced on the wedding day!!! Same with houses...I wouldnt buy a three bed house in a new estate, They are rubbish builds....says my freind to me sittng inmy new house, which was a three bed in a new estate.
LookWhoItIs Posts: 851
oooh good plan!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 >:o)
Mrs Disco Posts: 45
I think you should go back and ask to speak to the manager. She may well be the manager and then proceed to tell her that you do have a mind and an opinion and that you have lived in your body all your life so you know what suits you and what doesn't. Tell her she nearly lost the sale because of forcing her opinion on you and then ask for a discount for causing you unnecessary stress. Then after you get the discount and earrings and necklace walk out of the shop while calling her a dickhead!! Not v mature but enjoyable nonetheless!!