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curves and curls Posts: 109
Posted in Relationships - crush on what was a really sexy but total sleaze. Gonna post here cos it gets more traffic! To cut it short, this guy is Mediterranean, about 40, single dad of a teenage son, charmer/acts like a shy guy, good-looking, that arrogant/cocky/still kinda sexy (as much as it kills me to say it)! As I said in the other post, he was out Sat night with his 16 year old son in the nightclub. This gorgeous girl was all over him, lap dancing, stroking him all over, laughing and then turns to the son and keeps touching him too (although kinda light flirting not sexual). He throws her the odd line when she runs out of things to say - looks over to see if I was watching (my friend was looking, I wasn't!) - he was smirking at all the attention. About half one, he gets the son to drink up his beer - then the THREE of them leave to go home. Daddy wanted his bit (half one must be the time his viagra kicks in cos he cant' seem to stay on past that!) I then walked into another kid who is doing her Leaving cert out with her mum. What the hell is going on? What person wants to go out with their child/parent on the friggin pull?!! We all have little :-8 that we pick up as we grow up - but how messed up would you be seeing your parent out in the nightclub, picking up a different girl every week, feeding them lines and then bringing them through the revolving door in his bedroom? I just keep thinking how sick it is and how that kid went home to bed while daddy "entertained" next door?! Any thoughts??!!
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
SICK!! My friends Mam and Dad split when she was about 20 and we used to be in the local club giving it welly and in would walk her Mam bould as brass. MORTO. I used to get up the next day and say to my parents X's Mammy was in the club again last night and they were so embarrassed for her. The worst of it was she used to show up in my friends clothes and she wasn't that conservative if you know what I mean lol :ooh Bizarrely it never seemed to bother my friend she used to be out on the dance floor with her and all! I would have died back in the day if I had have been getting cosy on the dance floor and in walks Mam or Dad lol
curves and curls Posts: 109
Yuck - that's why I posted - I still can't believe what I saw. Your friend wasn't bothered ?? I can remember how embarrassed I was seeing my parents out when I was in town with friends at 16. Imagine seeing your parent getting it on though - that's even taking it up a notch again. Bleurgh!
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
im afraid we did see it, quite a few times :hic Me and the rest of the girls were morto and she wasn't bothered :ooh
curves and curls Posts: 109
Oh God Dancing Queen - not one for the faint-hearted.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Ok that's just yuck. Also could not imagine chatting up a guy with his son standing next to him :ooh :ooh :ooh :ooh
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Seriously sick! That generation should have stayed in the dance halls with Dicky Rock lol