eh you can see my underwear?????

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Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
oh girls i could SCREAM!!!(slight exaggeration) collected my beautiful dress yday............YAY :o)ll :o)ll have had about 3 fittings and its just beautiful i brought it to my mams yday and tried it on for her+my sis for the very last time and they did it all up-the top bit at the back is like a corset and then a zip with lots of lovely little buttons down the bum ...................AND i just happened to feel the back and could feel my lovely strapless wonderbra and the top of my spanx??????? :duh: :eek :duh: eh nobody felt the need to tell me the corset bit went down so low, that you can see everything!? like seriously 3 weeks to go and not the alterations lady or my mam or sis thought to tell me my underwear is on show??? O:| O:| so im just back from hickeys with some duchess satin material for the alteration lady to make a little flap behind the rope back so im not showing the world my wonderbra and spanx :duh: :yelrotflmaosmilie: phew i feel better now :o0
hurry2011 Posts: 281
:yelrotflmaosmilie: i love the title of this thread! But you were fast to get it all sorted! ....we couldnt have u walking down the isle without the wonderbra and spanx :compress I had a big fight with the lady in brown thomas the other day....she practically refused to give me spanx when I mentioned they were for my my wedding....she reckoned they would be too uncomfortable. I am completely ready to suck up and get on with my day with them being uncomfortable once they suck me in to their best capabilty! :compress lets just hope the H2B doesnt see them.....he might be filing for divorce on honeymoon :yelrotflmaosmilie:
buddyems Posts: 102
Well done getting yourself sorted so soon! Imagine them not saying though! Hope it all turns out ok! On the spanx front- have you worn them to practice! Seriously! My dress fitted me perfectly & i ddnt wear them but it was a corset back & you def dont have much freedom (eating, drinking even sitting for long periods of time) as your bolstered in!!!! My friend wears them alot & decided against it for her role as my BM as she reckoned it was just too uncomfortable to wear them for the full day....
Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
oh hurry2011 and buddyems me and spanx are best friends :o0 :o0 id never go anywhere with out my sucky in underwear!! my dress is not very forgiving at my tummyarea/ c section scar so will DEF be wearing them! im afraid im a slight control freak-would have gone to HIckeys straight away but they were closed by time i tried it on! so Hopefully i will get it all sorted in next few days and i can finally hang the dress in my mams for the big day :lvs PS: still cant believe none of them told me before thou, theyre lucky it wasnt the morning of the wedding :action34
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
just out of curiosity, why did you not get a flap made for behind the rope part anyway? was it part of the style not to have the flap part?
errigal08 Posts: 1302
thank god your getting it sorted,the lady should have mentioned it to you...strange :eek im like you i live in spanx and i dont find them a bother at all iv said to my sisters(the bm's) that they should wear them on the day so they are going to start wearing them now on nites out to get use to them,should be fun :innocent:
Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
it was never there Privatedancer, i bought the sample-would that be why?? seems odd to me but ive never really seen the back you know?? it will look kind of like this now with the flap but the button part of MY dress starts at about her elbow, my dress gradually gets tighter to about her elbow-but above that even when pulled really tight flesh is showing, including bra and spanx!i always thought it was covered [attachment=0:2dglzt21]back of dress.jpg[/attachment:2dglzt21]
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
yes prob cause you bought the sample but surely the shop would have said 'oh and we'll make a flap for it'! i've seen them without the flap but thats the look the bride is going for, and they're not wearing a bra! although maybe you would get away with no flap with how you explain it and with the buttons etc its prob not a long section that requires the flap, maybe its worn without flap cause its only small section.(!!) but all that aside, you obviously didnt want your bra and high spanx on show and its weird no-one said anything!! maybe they didnt wanna upset you cause they thought you wanted it that way and they didnt wanna upset the bride!! well its sorted now, and you will be fab!!