Elective Section CUMH??

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october12 Posts: 41
Hello ladies, Just curious if any of you know if you can request a section in CUMH. I don't have any medical issues but have just heard of a few horror stories from natural birth, it's not the pain that scares me, I'm terrified something will go wrong in labour. Not due until January but was going to try and request it at my next appointment in a few weeks. It's my first pregnancy.
newlywed0912 Posts: 734
You will hear horror stories whichever way you go! I had a natural birth and I had no problems at all. My Lo is 9 months and I no girls who had a baby the same time as me and are still tender and sore etc. I was flying it a few days after, bit sore but nothing major. Hope all goes well for u
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Would you consider Gentlebirth to give you some confidence and some reassurance to help with your anxiety? This would apply to whatever type of birth you have. Try to block out the horror stories. For some reason, many people seem to delight in scaring the be-jesus out of pregnant women.