Elective Section - how to get one?

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Postit Posts: 225
Hello everyone. I had an emergency c-section 18 months ago after my DS got into distress. So next time, I would really like to have an elective section in case the same thing happens again but I have heard that a lot of consultants in Holles St won't agree to it unless there is a medical problem. Has anyone else found this and how did you get around it?
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
Say you were traumatised by the whole labour and our Mentally not sure you could take the risk again. I had a word after my labour with consultant basically 3rd degree tear did have a vaginal birth but was re stitched 3mth later and even though I did dialate etc he told me he'd recommend a section the next time. SCORE
blondiechick Posts: 1641
I was told if you are a private patient, flash the cash at the consultant and he will usually do it for you....not sure how much extra it costs. I am going for the natural delivery method though, I think I'd be more scared of a c-section than a natural birth, but that's just me and I'm a first-timer so I am green with cluelessness! :o0
twinkle2 Posts: 188
I was at the rotunda semi private and requested a section after a traumatic delivery on the first which invloved shoulder dystocia and forceps. They were fine at first when i requested it and said no problem but then 2 days before i was due they were all questioning why i was doing it and made me paranoid. Even down to when i went in for the op they were asking why i was having it! They really dont seem to like doing them. TBH i would have gone natural if i hadnt had those problems. I would have said if you already had a section there would be no problem for you asking for one this time...........