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Luka Posts: 1904
[quote="MrsPositive":2wamu051]Sure we re neighbours so! Cork/Kerry[/quote:2wamu051] Yes not too far away at all!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I was pretty much the same as you OP before I got pregnant first time I always said I'd love a section (even though Im terrified of surgery etc) sure why would you want to go through all that pushing/pain craic :o0 Then when I got pregnant I suddenly became very calm about the whole thing and I had myself set up for doing a normal birth and was even going to try and do it without epidural (but I have other reason for that too) but dd was breach from about 25 weeks and never turned so at 32 weeks I was booked in for section. I was 50/50 then about it - yes I was kinda glad that I wouldn't have to go through labour but terrified of the surgery and even asked my cons would he give me a GA as I was so afraid I'd feel something if I was awake! Needless to say he told me no! Anyway long story short section went ahead and after they took dd out I was so calm then coz it was over and I was fine (and didn't feel anything!) and so was she. I found recovery really, really easy, now I did have pain but nothing that I couldn't cope with (I would be fairly good with pain anyway) to me it felt like really bad period pain (and I used to get attrocious pp) and the supositories are great that they give you, just take everything even if you think you don't need it coz the pain can hit you all of a sudden and then by the time you get a midwife to come to you and give you something and then waiting on the drug to work can take a while. I was in for 4 nights as I had recovered so well and really wanted to get home, I was back driving exactly 2 weeks later (but there was a bit of an emergency that I kinda had to that soon but was itching to get back driving anyway). My scar healed great, you will be numb around that area for a good few months but it goes and my scar is very neat and almost faded already. As others have said though you might find it hard to get a cons to agree to giving you a section without any medical need. My cons has a bit of a reputation for giving sections really quickly if needed during labour etc but even he said if my baby turned (even on the morning of the section) that I would be sent home to wait to go naturally. And I had diabetes plus another blood condition that I would have thought would also push me more for a section but seems not. He has no problem giving me a section this time though. I think every woman should be able to have the birth they want. Best of luck.
kk2011 Posts: 67
Hi all, Just want to say thanks to everyone for the information and support. I was at consultant and she has said that it's basically my choice when the time comes. That a fear like that is a very valid reason to choose a section. I didn't even go into the full details of the effect it has on me. She was very supportive. At least I know now that I can put it out of my mind (as much as I can) until nearer the time, and not be wishing to be in an accident that would leave me in a coma and they'd have to deliver the baby while I was unconscious. And yes, ashamed as I am to admit it, that was a genuine thought :eek At least I feel now I have a choice in the matter.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Hi Kk well Im delighted you got on so well, I remember us discussing this. Take your time now and see how you feel over the coming months xx