Elective section???

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baby4me Posts: 455
has anyone had one??? i had my baby 7 wks ago by section cse my induction failed. basically i had gel 3 times no pain. consultant said i was so nervous and couldnt relax during internals that the gel prob wasnt getting on my cervix!! so he decided to section me. i had perfect delivery and am excellent post op. i always said i had such a bad preg and was so scared of laboue etc i would only hav one. at my 6 wks checkup yest my gyn said if u decide to hav anymore i would reccomd elective section. i didnt think this was possiblke. i thought baby had to b breech or else some other medical reason 4 section. if u r able to hav elective section does bupa cover it???
mjm Posts: 393
Am not 100% on this but I think that in order for your private health insurer to cover you, your gynae has to give a medical reason for the elective section but the reason could be simply that after having section this time a natural birth could be more difficult. Basically once they say there is some need for it then you'll be covered. good to hear such a positive story about section though cause my gynae is talking about it for me due to another medical condition. mjm
agie Posts: 1107
mine was elective due to breech position but im sure bupa would - id love to be able to have another section on my next
pattie Posts: 2379
I'm sure your consultant can recommend it and then they'd have to cover it, if you progressed slowly in labour maybe he thinks this would happen the next time and having had one section there's always the small risk of uterine rupture which might be increased by being induced and having a long labour.