Electric Blankets/Pregnancy dont use

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Wife09 Posts: 873
I just read in my pregnancy book to avoid using electric blankets, I always have it on, its not to do with the heat but with electric magnetic fields!!!! It says 'Fetal damage may occur'' Oh my god Im freaking i have damaged the baby, did I miss out on cop on here, is this common knowledge? Its only on week 19 of my book. Why the heck wasnt it at the start!!!!!!! Am I freaking too much? Does anyone know anything about this???
suzieblue Posts: 21
electric blankets are fine to use, with my 1st pregnancy, it was the only thing that would make me feel better and now im 10 weeks i have it on every night, its no harm to baby!
Wife09 Posts: 873
suzieblue, i feel better with it on to but , its said not to in the book!! Did an OBs tell you it was ok to use?
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I took mine off as soon as I found out I was pregnant- I'm sure the risks are relatively low but there is something about magnetic fields alright as I know you're not supposed to use those new fangled mattresses that have magnets in them when you're pregnant either. Also you aren't supposed to overheat while pregnant as your temperature is already raised. I'm sure there's no harm done wife09 as studies are inconclusive. Found the following; "Concerns have been raised regarding the use of electric blankets or other heating devices such as heating pads or heated water beds while pregant. There is little scientific evidence to prove one way or the other whether these devices may be harmful. There are two areas that should be looked at: electromagnetic fields and body temperature. Some long-standing research data suggests that the extremely weak electromagnetic field generated by objects such as electric blankets are biologically harmless. Some studies contradict this claim, suggesting that these weak electromagnetic fields may contribute to changes in stress level, memory lapse, cancer, miscarriage or impaired fetal development. These studies, by their own admission, are inconclusive, as they cannot prove that cell damage in test tube experiments is replicated in actual human beings. Another concern of using heating devices during pregnancy is the actual heat that these products generate. It is possible that raising your body temperature to 101 degrees or higher for an extended period of time may contribute to the risk of miscarriage or neural tube defects. However, It is highly unlikely that such a device would raise your body temperature this significantly or for an extended period of time. If you are concerned, you should discuss the use of heating devices with your physician. She may have additional suggestions based on your own unique medical history." Hope that helps :wv
suzieblue Posts: 21
i didnt ask but i work in a maternity and i never heard you couldnt use them!
Wife09 Posts: 873
pigeonwife it is being removed from the bed tonight just in case, I dont want to take any risks, Ill ask my obs when Im with him in 2 weeks
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Let me know how you get on as I really miss it on the cold nights. One other bit of advice I saw that I thought was useful was as follows; You may want to remove an electric underblanket from your bed in late pregnancy in case your waters go at the start of labour. One can just imagine! :-8
flippersmrs Posts: 660
OMG NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE!!!i really hope its not true coz i love my electric blanket at night. have been using it for the last month :eek :eek . i usually heat up the bed then turn it off when i get in though. is that safe or not???oh god another thing to worry and stress about. :ooh
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
i was told the reason you're not supposed to use them is they can raise your core temperature of your body
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi, I had heard this also - the same rationale as not being able to take hot baths or get in hot tubs - danger of raising your body temperature and your baby's. I'm sure you and your baby are ok but I would stop using it from now on. x