Electric Lemon -V- Till Death do us Party -V- Beat Boutique

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Vedalovelo Posts: 164
Hey oh wise ones. I can't decide between bands. Till death do us party is WILDLY (1K) out of our budget but I cling to some sort of divine intervention that may occur and free up a thousand euro. I love the other two. But do Beat Boutique have no basist? Did you have any of those bands or see them live or ??? O-O
Vedalovelo Posts: 164
Ok for future reference in case anyone looks at this post for themselves. I saw Electric Lemon play last night in Clondalkin and they were excellent!! I loved them, people loved them. :o)ll
lynchswife Posts: 81
Have you gone to see Til Death do us party live yet?? We were the same as you, they were seriously over-budget but couldn't stop thinking about them and no other bands videos compared to them.. we went to see them live in the vain hope that they wouldnt be as good as we thought and it would help us forget about them..... well we were hooked!! :o0 we aren't having other stuff that i really wanted like chocolate fountains and LED love letter so we can have the band but they are amazing and worth every penny! and sure as the saying goes "quality is remembered long after price is forgotten"....... also... "thank god for credit cards!!" :yelrotflmaosmilie: Our wedding is in 2 weeks and cannot wait to see them again!
czc2017 Posts: 11
HI! We have booked Till death do us party for our wedding next year, saw them at a friends wedding about 3 years ago and loved them, made a mental note to look them up when we started looking for bands, am im glad that we did! went to see them live and booked them the minute we got home! I love the fact that to me they don't play your traditional wedding stuff and the lead singer just gets everyone up and dancing! hope this helps!
Rí-Rá Posts: 6
Can confirm we had Till Death Do Us Party- after marrying my other half, it was the best decision I made for the day. They are worth every penny- not only do they get everyone on the dancefloor: they keep them there! The frontman dances with the crowd and will even go upstairs/downstairs/outside to get people back in dancing- all while holding a tune & not distracting from the main dancefloor at all. They're one of a kind!
cuban Posts: 23
We found it really hard to find a band we liked and after seeing Til Death Do Us Party live we knew we had to have them. They were out of our budget too so we decided to cut back slightly on photo and video budget (we have still got very talented suppliers for these, they're just less expensive than we originally budgeted for). Everyone keeps saying the band is what people remember so if that's what you really want, you can find a way! Ps - I really like Beat Boutique aswell, Til Death Do Us Party were just more our style
Secondtimelucky Posts: 5
Girls do you mind me asking what price each band is quoting?
Vedalovelo Posts: 164
Hey guys, thanks for the replies :) Till death was €3100 for band and the dj. electric lemon was 1900 beat boutique was 2375 i loved all of them, each of them was a pleasure to deal with :o)ll we are a saturday wedding, i think it might be a bit cheaper for mid week xx