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Buttercup x Posts: 535
Hi everyone, I need some advice! As the title suggests I am an Electric Picnic Virgin! Myself and hubby Have been saving for our wedding for ages and now that it's all done and dusted we've decided to spend the next year or so doing things we've put on hold for the big day. Sooo... Electric picnic was my idea and I'm hoping that some of you have bits of advice you could share....like the must haves, things you couldn't live without, things to avoid!!! Thanks in advance B x
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Aw I LOVED EP when we went a few years ago! Bring loads of black bags. We used them when it rained, we used them under us, we used them for dirty clothes etc etc I got a plait put in my fringe for the weekend. Lasted really well. Left hair down on the Friday, dry shampoo on the Saturday and then tied it up on the Sunday. Baby wipes, hand sanitiser, toilet roll, all your friends! Try out a few of the different tents, even ones you think you may not like, it's nice to experience the atmosphere of a few different places. Enjoy! Even if it buckets down, enjoy it, it's such an amazing experience and we're thinking about bringing our baby there next year!
wowser Posts: 538
How lucky!! Not going this year, but Ive been 3 times and had a ball every time. essentials are: dry shampoo, warm clothes and summer clothes, lots of layers, loo roll, bin bags, wellies and flip flops, a pillow ( you might not sleep much, but nothings bits going back to your tent and have a lovely pillow on your mattress), a flash/ torch lamp. Water. oh and earplug!! Enjoy, the atmosphere is brilliant.
hestia Posts: 2368
We're braving it with the wee one this year, Sassy. I've already been hearing talk from her Da about bringing highlighter pens to sort out his and my gig shifts. I pretended I didn't hear him. I've seen what he can do with the RTE Guide Christmas edition. We're in for a real planning treat. And a fight over who gets to see The Cure. Both of us have been avoiding that. Anyway... Avoid camping in the quiet area. It's usually near the main entrance with easier access for thieves and opportunists hopping over the perimetre. Thieves are few but avoid leaving any valuables in your tent, even when locked. Rain is guaranteed. Don't let it dampen the mood. Surrender and roll with it. Don't bring bottled beer. It'll be swiftly confiscated at the main entrance. Don't bring sh*t loadsa food. You're likely to be a fair walk from campsite to the arena and will lose all inclination to go back to have it. The various food stalls are an attraction in itself and there are plenty of reasonably priced eats. The best place after dark when all the stages are wounds down is Body and Soul. Before you go there, stick your head around the Leviathan tent. The Brad Pitt Orchestra will likely be impressing a small but faithful gathering each night. Even if you're suffering the mutherf*cker of all hangovers on Sunday, limp along to the Dublin Gospel Choir. Solpadeine for the soul. Have fun.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
[quote="hestia":1deqcerv]We're braving it with the wee one this year, Sassy.[/quote:1deqcerv] Brilliant! Can't wait to hear how you get on there with a little 'un. I expect a full report on my desk, less than a week after. Enjoy EP all, I really wish I was going again. Next year...definitely!
OrangeDaisies Posts: 77
Great advice above. My tip: go on the Chair-O-Planes. It's expensive, but as good as a shot. Be careful if it's raining though, the steps get pretty slippy. They had better be there this year. It's hard to tell from the map.
Buttercup x Posts: 535
Thanks a mil everyone, really really looking forward to it! I've got my little shopping list ready and I'm off at lunch to stock up on the essentials! Definitely going to try see the Dublin gospel choir...loads of people have said they are great. We are going to try and see as much as we can. Sassy I hope you are doing well... Not long to go now :)
Twinkle toe Posts: 1025
oooh I'm going too!!! packing all the festival essentials - alchol both in gel & liquid forms!, wet wipes, tiger balm (use it to hide the smell from the loos!), and we bring a cool bag & have acheeky fry on our camping stove on the Sat/Sun morning mmmmm rashers on a camp stove!
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Couldn't not reply to this one... Myself and OH got engaged at EP2009 and have been back every year since. My first year anniversary present from himself was an EP2012 ticket (paper and all that :o0 )... this year it is just the two of us as lots of our friends are either living abroad now or are heavily pregnant/saving for weddings. Kinda apprehensive as we've always been part of a group when we've been there but also think it will be so nice to do exactly what we want to do whenever we want to (there was a lot of people pleasing and waiting around for others last year and the year before). I'm not a huge music buff but I just love the atmosphere there, and love wandering around the body and soul after the gigs- it's so cool. Plus the comedy tent is the best way to pass an afternoon imo. Man I really hope it doesn't rain but sure feck it if it does... OH is a very organised scouty type so we'll have all the right gear I'm sure. Hope you all have a ball :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll