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Laineyb01 Posts: 60
Hi, My H2B and I are planning on sending as many invites as possible electronically. Would be interested in hearing from others who have done this before, especially on how to approach it and the pitfalls! We using moposa so would probably look at creating our wedding website from there.
mrsbrowne2be Posts: 71
This sounds like a great idea, I'd be really interested in doing this for the evening invitations especially
Kerryp12 Posts: 58
We recently got an invite via paperless post. The bride said she got such a speedy RSVP and it was certainly so much handier just being able to click accept rather than posting rsvps etc. I think she said it worked out about 1 pound per invite but hers is a small wedding of only 30 so I imagine it might be less the more people you have. Still cheap in comparison to the price of invites let alone stamps!!
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
We did paper invites but we had our website and an RSVP function on moposa. It's not secure and twice the site crashed or got hacked and lost everything. Luckily it was before we sent the invites so it didn't matter. So I wouldn't be relying on it. I also like a paper invite, doesn't have to be expensive.
msbtomrsl Posts: 97
We posted out paper Save the Dates with time and place (mostly for older guests) and asked for everyones email address for their E-Invitation. We're going to send out the E-invites in a few weeks and they will have a link to our website where they can RSVP and get all the details that way.