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fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
Hi all, I am looking for these for my bm's, they are amazing but are a little over budget, as we only wanted to spend €150 each on the bm dresses, and they are coming in at €220. I would be grateful if anyone could give me a online avenue to buy these at a cheaper rate.. much appreciated... xx
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
Squidgem Posts: 139
Hi fluffiesmam, I haven't found them any cheaper online I'm afraid. I have found some alternatives though. Henkaa is a Canadian company who do similar dresses but they don't deliver to Ireland :-( They do deliver to UK and Australia though so if you know anyone over there you could deliver to them instead! They're gorgeous! :o)ll
daisy chains Posts: 235
Hi there is a boutique in limerick who had them for 160, I saw them there about 8 months ago, it was after I had bought 4 in Dublin for my bm couldn't believe the price. I don't remember the name of the shop but it is directly across the road from a hotel called George boutique hotel, it's on o Connell street in limerick . Good lunch with it. The dresses are amazing and my bm looked gorge in them
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
Thanks for your replies girls, i ended up having to part with the cash in the end! fab dresses though.. won't be long til they are wearing them!
grace79 Posts: 97
Just spotted this post now but BHS do a version of these dresses online for under €100. Sorry I couldn't have helped sooner.
sunchild Posts: 86
Hi All, Had to let you all know about this! I just bought an Eliza and Ethan Dress from for €199 and you can buy them online. She recently negotiated a better rate for the dresses and decided to pass it on to her customers :) Not sure if her website is up to date yet though, but you should email. I'm chuffed with the discount and it'll certainly make the difference if you're buying multiple dresses. :compress
pinkunicorn Posts: 585
I have found identical ones on etsy for €100 per dress as while I liked the eliza and ethans/two birds dresses it seemed crazy to be paying 200+ per dress when you have so many bm's. I need 4 so works out great price-wise and the girls love the idea of them. I just got lots of swatches few weeks ago and got the girls around to decide on colors. Going to order them in January :D
Squidgem Posts: 139
Hi pink unicorn! How much were the swatches? :-)
pinkunicorn Posts: 585
They were free. I also ordered swatches from Henkaa which arrived 2 weeks ago, free also. Henkaa didnt seem to have a problem delivering to Ireland when I asked them. They actually just sent me a follow up email yesterday asking me did I get the swatches, did l like them, do I want anymore or do I want to place an order so no probs with delivery there :)