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oldie2010 Posts: 186
Anyone know what if any shops stock this polish designer?
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
I am pretty sure Butterfly Bride in Blackrock does
kellyk Posts: 634
very nearly bought one of her dresses in Butterfly Bride.....really nice but went for La Sposa in end! :o)ll
oldie2010 Posts: 186
Yeah, I like La Sposa myself.. sort of stuck in a rut re: dresses... is your dress from the 2010 previre collection?
kellyk Posts: 634
No wedding is in Oct so when I chose it it was 2009 collection..... :lvs it! Butterfly Bride is lovely shop anyway but got mine in Bridal Wraptures in the end. Great selection there. :wv
oldie2010 Posts: 186
Hi kellyk, Yeah, it is a beautiful shop Butterfly Bride but I still haven’t found “THE” dress and have travelled to a lot of places!! Where is the Bridal shop that you got yours? Pam