Em...where is my appetite gone?

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Emme Posts: 4735
Hey, since the weekend my appetite seems to have tapered off a good bit. The cat doesn't look nervous anymore kind of thing. I've a new hankering for cornflakes but thats about it. Last night going to bed I copped that I'd only 2 sandwiches and a bowl of ceral all day and was quite happy and thats been the story all week. Is this normal? Baby is also moving a little less but still loads of good strong movement. Is this a sign of a baby who's getting ready for takeoff a little sooner than anticipated? Emme
pag Posts: 633
not sure if it is a sign of early release by baby - though would be interested to know. I'm the same though i think in my case it is more to do with space issues - I can eat brekkie and lunch but after that have no interest. The tin of Quality Street that DH hid in the oven is very safe.
loulou1 Posts: 233
I'm the same Emme, I've had breakfast and lunch for the last week, no interest in anything else after that, I'm kinda sick of eating, been doing so much of it since pg.