embarassing question

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ladybirdy Posts: 157
Hi there just 20 weeks pg and last few days 'down there' feels swollen! Dont remember that happening this early last time round. Not in pain just swollen... anyone else have this??
Idina Posts: 1289
Yes I have-it's more blood flow in that "area" :-8
ladybirdy Posts: 157
thanks bit uncomfortable isn't it!! :-8
Idina Posts: 1289
Yes! Mention it at you next appoinment but tha's what mine is anyway!
Millie- Posts: 490
yet again i realise how good this site is! this has happened to me also and was wondering if it was normal or not. Thanks for asking that question :thnk
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Glad someone posted this i was also worried about same thing but I was too embarassed to post question. :hic Thanks for asking question.
scobette Posts: 1010
mine is swollen too friend of mine had it and it got really sore and she had varicious veins in her lady bits so it does happen and don't panic if it does