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katie3 Posts: 40
Well, I found the dress. It's amazing. I'm so relieved to have found the one. But, I bought the sample and unfortunately I sweat a lot and the dress has a bit of a sweaty ... What can I do? I don't want to have to dry clean it now. X
whereland Posts: 472
Do you mean you haven't worn the dress yet but it's a bit sweaty? I'd just bring it to a specialist dry cleaners and explain it was a sample so was tried on several times and needs to be freshened. Expect to pay up to €100 thpugh
E.Rose Posts: 188
I bought my dress second hand and it's beautiful. The shop dry cleaned it before I picked it up and it was even more beautiful after the clean! It's perfect, like new, so I'm sure your dress will be fab once it's cleaned