Embarrassing Q - coldsore infection downstairs - possible?

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cakes100 Posts: 2
hi, hoping you can put my mind at ease, not sure if I'm being paranoid. I'm 5 months preg, we did the deed a few nights ago including oral sx. The next evening my husband stared to get a cold sore. (we both have gotten coldsores for years so no big deal there) But is there any risk from the activities the evening before that I should be worried about. Have done google searches and just getting more paranoid. On one hand I think its fine as there was absolutley no sign of the cold sore on the night, it just started to tingle the next evening and I have not gotten the cold sore myself, so I presume it was not infectious at that stage. The other part of me is paranoid the cold sore may have infected me down there. With the struggle to get pregnant I know I am overly paranoid anyway so just looking to see what others may think.. sorry for the TMI, not what I had hoped my first post would be, I read WOL all the time but just never post. Thanks for your advice.
Martiespride Posts: 997
you should be fine, the tingle is just the start of it, so no need to worry.
theoracle Posts: 7664
TBH, it is something that you will need to discuss with your GP/consultant, because an infection cannot be excluded. The good news is that even if your genitals got infected there would be no impact on pregnancy, however there could be potentially consequences at birth if the virus is present in the birth canal and it does get transferred to baby. The incidence of this is very, very low, but I would discuss the issue with a medical professional nevertheless to put your mind at ease. They might just want to keep an eye on you and test you further down the line. Don't panic and don't be embarassed, this is not an uncommon thing to happen. Actually, the more common source of herpes infection to baby is by an adult kissing the baby if the adult has a cold sore, so keep such people away from kissing the baby! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, I am sure everything wil be fine.