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Snowqueen Posts: 345
I'm not on the pill but I'm considering going on it to suppress periods for the wedding and honeymoon. I've tried two types before and found that between the mood swings and the associated risk of stroke (which is increased in migraine sufferers) that it wasn't for me. I'm a bit worried about the potential for weight gain as well so I'd like to take it for the shortest possible time. We have booked a safari for the first week of honeymoon and as that is going to involve a lot of road travel, bumpy road travel at that, and as we move around to different camps there isn't even an option of having a day off if I'm in pain. Basically there is a 12 day window when I really really really do not want my period. If I start on the pill the day before the wedding, will that work to supress an impending period or would I have to start it on the first day after the last period??? Please advise! I am clueless about this!
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
Hi Snowqueen :wv First of all, relax and dont worry! For the pill to work you need to start taking it on the first day of your period and continue taking it for 21 days. Then you have your seven day break(7 pill-free days). This is when you have your period. If you want to stop your period from coming then you start your next pack of pills immediately after finishing your last pack. Go to your doctor and tell him/her that you are worried about putting on weight etc and they will advise you on the best pill to suit you and your situation. I know you want to be on it for the shortest possible time but it might be better to try out the pill a few months before the wedding and see if you have any reactions when you skip a period. The last thing you need is to be feeling sick on your big day or your honeymoon! Ive surpressed a period a few times while on hols and it's made me very very nauseous so it might be an idea to try it out before your honeymoon just in case. It does depend on the person though and the pill you are on. HTH hun!
Snowqueen Posts: 345
Thanks MrsWhippy! That was extremely informative!