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emeralsd Posts: 470
Hi girls Well our little lad is 8 days old so thaught id grab a few mins to write up our birth story. Well as you know i was due to be induced on the Tuesday so the previous Thursday thing started to happen!!!! On the Thursday i was in the bathroom weeing every 30 mins- no joke. I dfecided i mite have a kidney infection so dropped up a sample to my docotr who sent it away . In the meantime she put me on antibis. Friday 5 am when hubbie was going to work i woke up with lower back pain, it wa a constant pain very low in the back. Berable thou. Hubbie warmed up a lavender bean bag and that eased the pain. Drifted in and out of sleep and then when i woke up decided to have warm bath. That was really nice. Then around 11, i decided to go for short walk to see if that helped, i only walked to the end of the driveway when i felt a gush :ooh Raced back inside in a bit of panic and rang the hosp, they said to come strate in. So i arrived at the hosp where i was examined strate away, to be told my water had not broken. Girls beleive me i know i did not wet myself :o0 I was examined and told i wasnt dialating etc at this stage my back was becoming quite painful. So off home we went again. Spent the next few hours at home in and out of the bath, it was the only thing helping the pain. Friend who is a midwife came and checked and said i was getting contractions every 7 mins apart and that once i couldnt handle the pain i should go back into hospt. Pian was all inthe back and coming in waves .So around 830 me and hubbie headed back into hosp. So after that it was a long nite ahead : Examined to be to told i hadnt dialted at all.midwife was excellent and could tell i was in a lot of pain so she gave me pethidine and gas and air.Gas and air was the best.I was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow.Hubbie said i was talking alot of nonsense and i was giggling away.Later again i was examined and i still hadnt dialated so i was put on oxitocin drip.Finally i dialted to 3 cm and i was allowed the epidural.didnt find this painful at all, just had to sit so so still.Hubbie basically held me in place.it worked straite away an was a great relief, could not feel a thing. Hubbie was sitting on the beanbag and listening to ipod, i felt v relaxed. Imanaged to get to 8 cm and really thaught i was home and dry.i knew it couldnt be too much longer. By now i was running a temp and our littke boy wes as not responding well to the drip. All hell broke loose and within space of 30 mins i was in theatre. this part was upsetting but by now all we wanted was to see our baby. wont go into details of c section. OOur beautiful boy was delivered at 8.05 saturday am weighing 8 pound 13.he came out crying, eyes wide opennd sucking his fingers. he is absolutly fantastic, i cried so mucg when i first saw him and we just love him to pieces :xox Girls for me it was a difficult labour mainly because babys back was on my back and his head was turned the wrong way.iv been told by the midwife that i had the worst type labour possible because of his positioning.That ontop of the c section was a lot to deal with really.midwife was excellent as well as hubbie, otherwise i wouldnt have coped. Thankfully there was a happy ending with a healthy boy which i focus on . we are home and recovering well. goodluck to all of those still waiting for their babies. :wv All will be worth it when u meet your baby .
mummytime Posts: 3149
Congratulations emersald sounds very tough but as you say youself soo worth it. hope your dh is looking after you both. enjoy this precious time with your new son. MC
Dootsay Posts: 958
:o)ll congratulations :o)ll well done, sounds like a tough labour but you did brilliantly, and welcome to your new little man :thnk
Baby bop Posts: 662
Congratulations and well done :o)ll Sounds like you went through a tough labour. Thanks for sharing your birth story with us it was great :wv
snoopy2 Posts: 101
Congratulations - sounds like you had a tough time of it. Best of luck to your family for the future :o)ll :o)ll
mrscat Posts: 1082
Congrats to you both, you had a tough one, but glad to hear it was all so worth it with your beautiful baby boy :lvs Enjoy your time & I hope you recover well.
sandym Posts: 774
Congratulations :o)ll :o)ll You're labour mirrors mine nearly exactly. I went through 9 and a hlaf hours of labout and was fully dilated but teh chord was wrapped around her neck 3 times so she was getting stuck so after all that I had to have an emergency c-section but is' all worht it in the end..i know you're probably very sore etc but just looking at your little bundle will help you forget and you realise how lucky you are..that labour im describing was my second and I had another section 12 weeks ago on my 3rd..same sort of story but they are completly worht it all in the end..best wishes to you and your hubby and the new little bundle :wv
under construction Posts: 3458
Congratulations to you and your DH, and a big welcome to your little boy. Sounds like you had a hard time alright, but you did so well and the main thing is you and your little boy are fine. Thanks so much for sharing your story
silíní Posts: 4219
Congratulations Emerasld!!! Sounds like you had a tough time but you coped really well,.... Welcome to your little babe!!
baby-bel Posts: 929
congratulations :thnk