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michelle01d Posts: 60
Hi Ladies Im here at work and im shattered! We have the most beautiful little boy who will be 3 in September. I am pregnant with my second, 19 weeks, have to tell work Friday, we got married a month ago. Its takes me an hour and 15/20 minutes drive each day to work and im just wrecked.Just want to write something!!! Its been a busy time. My husbands mam is not a hands on pratical woman bit of a nerve problem and didnt even come to our wedding. We are living in our new house a year and a half which is about 40 minute drive from my home place.I miss home, i miss my parents, family and friends.I feel lost with no support etc. Just feel like crying right now.Only for the creche i dont know what i would do.My parents are phenominal people,they collected my son today as he has a deep chest infection and brought him to the doctor. Am i just being hormonal or what? thanks so much
Trafford Posts: 463
Wow Michelle! I couldn't read that post and not reply (like 53 other people seemed to O:| ). You clearly are very emotional, and perhaps hormones have a part to play, but it sounds like you really need a chill out time. Can you take a day or two off work and just relax? You are a newly wed so should be having a wonderful loved up time of it at the moment. Get hubby on board and maybe the 3 of you can just take some time out for a day or two. Congrats on your pregnancy x
1april Posts: 73
Hi ya - can you take a few days off and get a bit of rest and time for yourself
nelswife Posts: 3869
ah Michelle i hope you are ok :action32 :action32... i second what the others have said, take a few days off and just chill out...is it possible for your husband to take a few days off with you and maybe go away down the country on a mini break, lidl do cheap breaks away that include meals and spa treatments it might be what you need to unwind
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Its exhausting with a young child and being pregnant. I work full time, have no mother, no siblings and my dad would never take LO. My DH works shift so is not around alot of the time after work so I can empathise. Could you take some time off work and have a few lie ins? Send LO to creche a few days and have a little me time? Make sure you are taking your iron as if you are low you will feel extra tired. :action32
Daff Posts: 11644
oh hun I know how hard it can be :action32 sounds like you need a good sleep and a bit of time off from everything. I've no one around either. Up til two weeks ago the only time anyone has minded DD was once when she was 12 weeks old and it was for two hours at night while she slept! She was in creche for a month when she was 11 months while I went back to work but got redundancy. It's hard having them all the time and having no one there to take them for a bit. I'd to suddenly go to hospital two weeks ago and my Dad had no choice but to mind her as DH had to come with me. Think he got a bit of a shock and realised how hard it all was for me. He pops round now 1/2 times a week and brings her out for an hour for a walk which is a real blessing - long may it last! Also with the hormones it can make things seem like they're getting on top of you. The exahustion is what really hits me. I don't know how you do working full time too. Hope you're feelign a little better :lvs
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I think there's a few things going on here. I'm not far behind you in the pregnancy stakes and have just started taking pregnacare and iron as I was feeling so wiped - are you taking anything? I've only been taking it a few days but am already feeling the difference. Your commute is huge! I have something similar but since having DS only go in 2 days a week and do some work from home. Would this be an option for you? If it would present it to your bosses as a trial period - once they see that you have the same (if not better) output from home they should be sold on it. Put it to them that all that time spent in the car could be spent working. How often do you get to see your family? I can imagine with all the driving for work you don't much feel like driving to see them at the weekend. Do they call to you much. Tell them you miss them and would like to see more of them. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Finally the fact that you got married a month ago rang some bells for me. I think most people have a bit of a slump after all the excitement and planning of the wedding. This on top of the hormones should be taken into account. If all else fails I'm sure the dr would sign you off work for a few days so you can take the other girls advice and get some rest. Hope your son gets better soon. :action32
Duffers Posts: 1841
I was just going to say exactly what PW said! The anti-climax after the wedding combined with pregnancy hormones wont be doing you any favours on top of missing family and the long commute. At the weekend, can you try leave your DS with your new hubby and go for a swim or a pregnancy massage. You deserve something at this stage :lvs