Emotions on "big day"

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Luce Posts: 135
I was at my cousins wedding recently. I got so emotional watching the ceremony, I got so emotional before the ceremony, watching my uncle walk her down the aisle, for the speeches, I could go on! :) I wasn't hormonal or anything,or I wasn't in floods of tears, but everything just made me so emotional. I don't know how I'm gona get through saying our vows without starting. Did anybody think that they would be like this and they were fine in the end? My cousin said that she wasn't thinking of anything when saying her vows, she was just nervous and getting on with it. I always cry watching one born every minute, and when I had my own 2, I wasn't half as emotional as I'd thought I'd be, so hoping I'll be the same on the day.....
luk Posts: 61
Hi Luce Have you ever tried rescue remedy? It comes in drops, sweets or spray. Its brilliant for keeping emotions in check I swear by it :wv
excitedlady Posts: 431
I honestly wasn't sure how I was going to react. I was very calm and relaxed in the weeks before the wedding which helped. On the morning of the wedding I was completely fine. I was calm and happy. I got a bit tetchy on the way to the church. My dad wouldn't stop talking in the car and I just wanted quiet! When it came to walking down the isle I was quite nervous. I was nervous of everyone looking at me. All I wanted was to be holing my oh's hand. He's the only person who keeps me sane! I was absolutely fine when I got to him. When I was saying my vows I got a bit emotional but only because myself and my hubbie have been through so much that they really meant something to me. The rest of the ceremony is a complete blur of utter happiness!!
mrspatpat Posts: 380
I was really nervous before hand and am quite soppy, I got a bit emotional at my friends weddings alright, but I was ok on the day for my own. I was really nervous but as soon as I saw my OH i was fine. Once I was beside him just relaxed, the vows and everything were fine.
lorraine78 Posts: 988
I was as cool as a cucumber on the run up,but once the big day hit my nerves went completely.I turned into a crier,which wouldn't be me.I cried going up the aisle,couldn't control myself,and the sacrasten left a big glass of water up beside my seat for me! When i met my hubby at the top of the aisle,i was fine then.It is an emotional day,so just go with the flow,if you cry,you cry.I wouldn't stress about it :)