Employer - maternity benefit

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mrswed Posts: 141
I don't think it is normal practice in the office I work in for the employer to top up wages while on maternity leave. Hopefully I will be entitled to the max maternity benefit from social welfare but it will still leave me short regarding bills, etc. Have any of you asked your employer if they would consider paying you your wage as normal and take the social welfare payment paid into their bank? How would you approach your employer on the subject?
ellee Posts: 666
Hmm - not sure I see the problem? If the employer's is topping you up won't you be on your normal salary except some will be paid by sw?
donegalangel Posts: 79
Most small employers simply cant afford to top up the SW to your normal pay. I'm thinkng of asking my boss if I can take some work home with me to make up some of the difference as we will be really struggling financially if we lose a chunk of my wages. It's early days for me yet though. I think you should ask your boss anyway. It can do no harm!
Diddums Posts: 204
The majority of employers who do top up your wages require you to pay them the amount you are getting from the social welfare during your maternity leave - that's how it worked in my current and last jobs. Not sure it helps your case, but there certainly is precedent for it. I think it'll come down to whether your employer can afford the top up.