Employer's paying maternity leave

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Nance Posts: 161
Hi All, I was horrified on Friday to find out the my employer does not pay maternity benefit while on maternity leave. I work in a company of about 50 people, only 10 of whom are girls, me being one of the only ones who is married. Anyway I am 6 weeks gone, haven't told them anything yet, but I found out from our so called HR girl that they don't pay maternity leave. They have no policies written, so they make it up as they go along. Another girl got pregnant and went on her leave before she had finished her probationary period and they told her that if she had completed her probation, then thye would have paid her, so I just assumed they were going to pay. I have been feeling sick ever since and it's not morning sickness, it's just angry that I have been taken for a ride. I don't know how we will cope financially, I know you have to tighten your belt, but 1200 a month from the government will only leave me with enough to cover my half of the mortgage.. Am i naieve in thinking that most employers pay maternity benefit of some sort? Are there many more people in the same boat??
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Its tough but employers dont have to pay maternity pay and a lot dont.
over the moon Posts: 676
Hi Nance, Unfortunately no company has to pay employees on maternity leave. When I was pregnant with DD my boss told me he would'nt see me stuck and then never paid a penny!!!! O:| O:| This time I've started to save so we wont be in the same position we were the last time. But now I have another problem.... I mightnt even have a job in a couple of months as company isn't doing too well..have to start looking for another job!!! O:| And its the last thing I want to do now that I'm pregnant again!! Oh the joys of it all :o(
Nance Posts: 161
Yes unfortunately they don't have to pay and are very quick to point out that the legislation doesn't oblige them. If only they were so quick to implement all of their other legaslative responsibilities. It's just a classic reminder of how it's a man's world... When you think about it, was probably a man that wrote the legislation, a man that determined how much the statutory amount is and a man in most companies deciding whether or not to pay maternity benefit or not... What makes me really angry is that the information is not available and still isn't.. we don't have a HR person, so everything they give us is the statutory minimum.. I really have had it with this place O:|
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Before we decided to ttc properly I made a list of what our bills would be for the 6 months I'm off. As I dont get maternity pay either, I certainly will not be taking off anymore than 6 months. I included Mortgage, esb, oil heating, groceries, car loan, and monthly payments such as VHI, Pet insurance, house insurance etc.So I have to save up as I dont want to have to scrape by. Its some dose, I cried when I found out, and was upset for weeks.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
If they make it up as they go along why not talk to them about it? Obviously you'll probably wait til its public knowledge about your pregnancy, but there isn't any harm in trying to fight your corner - get the other girls to back you up cause they'll need it at some stage too!! Its such a shame - but maybe if your employer would agree some form of a top up to your state benefit...as in you'd get to keep your state benefit and they pay you a fraction of your wages just to boost it someway...they can do this too like... also point out to them that if they pay you full salary they are entitled to reclaim your state benefit...so technically they are only paying you a fraction of your salary as the state will be refunding them some of it...(if you get what I'm saying!!)
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Hi, I dont mean to take over your post but I m just wondering how do you know if your company pays maternity or not ( i dont want to ask as they will wonder why im asking)? or if you were to start a new job how do you know if they would pay or not. We are hoping to ttc next year and I am just looking into this. thanks
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Can I be the cat among the pigeons here and ask why they should pay you maternity pay when you won't be in the office doing any work? My company doesn't pay me either and I am pretty pissed off about it. So I do agree with you but when I was asked the above question I really couldn't answer.
Mrs Big Posts: 919
My big problem with this is the public sector get paid maternity leave and also anyone who gets paid maternity leave does not pay tax for the duration of their leave therefore come out with more money. And the private sector non paid maternity leave have to survive on a small allowance. It is very unequal.
blissful2b Posts: 1555
it will be written into your terms of employment whether they pay maternity leave or not. if you start a new job who does provide maternity leave then you can avail of it no matter how long your service has been. plus they can not ask you if you are pregnant or intend getting pregant. edited to say: employers have to pay employees out on sick leave, some obviously would be out for substantial amount of time. so why should they not pay for maternity? at least they are forewarned and can plan for someone temporary. also by paying the maternity leave the ensure the woman will return. i.e. in my place they pay maternity, but you must return to work for a minimum of one month when your leave is up otherwise you have to repay the maternity. i think for a lot of small businesses it is a huge strain, the fact that you can be paying someone and when their 6 or 9 months is up they decide to hand in their notice to stay at home etc.