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Shrub Posts: 956
Do any wollies know much about this condition? :thnk
mac tavish Posts: 296
hi shrub, my sister in law has endo basically from what ive heard from her is its when the lining of your womb think its called endometrium, grows outside your womb,it can grow in your fallopian tubes and over the ovaries.The lining never really comes away with your period as it should and can cause a build up and sort of scar tissue. Normally women who have it have heavy painfull periods.It can be lasered off during a laparoscopy if its bad. Do you think you have it? Im sure if you did a search on it you would find loads of info and you could try www.magicmum.com or rollercoaster.ie. hope that helps.
Shrub Posts: 956
Thanks Mac, No i dont have it(well at least i think not?!) but a close friend of mine has so i was looking for as much info/advice as i could get for her,, Thanks :thnk
clumsy Posts: 661
Baby Spice has it and she's just announced her pregancy
nube Posts: 168
Hi Shrub I have it I was diagnosed this time 3 yrs ago. I have always had very very heavy / painful periods. I always just got through it with ponstan and a very understanding h2b. Basically 2 years ago I couldn't stand it anymore and spoke to my doctor who sent me for a laparoscopy (sp). They put a camera into the uterus via a small incision above the bellybutton and have a look. The consultant told me that it wasn't too bad but that I may have trouble conceiving later in life - no one could tell. I still can't imagine what bad endometrois would be like (thankfully) Like mactavish said there are a number of treatments: 1 - laser if its bad during the laparscopy 2 - a 3 month block of the pill (where you don't have a period) for the three months and hopefully when you come off the pill on the 3 month all the lining would come away I had the second option but my hormone cycle was stronger than the pill (!!) and I kept having bleed throughs. My cycle was very mixed up for a couple months after the 3 month block which is why I have a (almost) 2 year old son :o0 :o0 Which leads me onto the 3rd option ..... pregnancy. I nearly fell when the consultant gave this as an option 3 years ago but I have to admit and I was only said it to my mother yesterday that things are so much better now HTH If you need any more info give me a shout :wv
bride. Posts: 3014
I have it too, agree with all Nube said. I take the 3 month block of pills, I've just taken two of a new packet but think it might be a good time to have my AF as work is quiet at the moment. Does anyone know if it is ok to stop 2 pills into a packet? (Considering I have taken 3 month's worth of pills up to now?) Oh the joys of endometriosis!
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I feel so sorry for anyone who has this condition, a very close friend of mine has it and has in the past had morphine to help with the pain. My own incy wincey periods are bad enough so cant imagine what its like for her :o(
Shrub Posts: 956
Thanks for the replies girls, really appreciated :thnk Glad to hear you are doing ok *)
clumsy Posts: 661
There is in article about this in this weeks NOW magazine
katey Posts: 682
I had this about 5 years ago, had a lot of pain during sex (TMI) :-8 It was very mild though, which I was told after my laparoscopy. but I still had two doses of the 3 month injections and it seemed to do the trick as I had a scan two years ago and it seemed to be all gone. Hoping to start TTC after my wedding so keep fingers crossed for me that all will be well! K