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bibsy11 Posts: 125
Hi, thinking of leaving my eng ring into jewellers later for cleaning.. They have told me it could take 3 wks!!! Not sure if i can be without my ring for that long!!!! Have any of ye left in your rings to be cleaned? I guess it might be back before the 3 wks are up! Is it worth getting cleaned? Ive been told its good to get it done once a year? they coat them in something and brings back up the sparkle??
Voltaire Diamonds Posts: 517
Hi Bibsy, Go to They will clean and polish while you wait. Kind regards Seamus
MrsBuck Posts: 846
god not sure what takes three weeks! I've had mine cleaned a few times in the shop my H2B bought it in and they literally do it while i wait! The setting on mine is quite high so moisturiser etc has a tendancy to get stuck in it, they normally blast it with air and its done in seconds. For my wedding next week ( :o)ll :o)ll !) I am dropping it into the shop we bought our wedding rings in (different shop) they have told me to drop it in on tuesday evening and it'll be ready on wednesday morning. You would want to clarify exactly what they are doing thats going to take three weeks!
mrsmcdreamy Posts: 880
dropped mine in for its first cleaning and the difference it made was unreal. i obviously was so used to looking at i hadnt realised how dirty it had got :-8 . dropped it into the shop where we bought it and we left it an hour and came back and it was there waiting for me. i cant understand how it would take three weeks.
princessl Posts: 154
I got my cleaned in the shop while i waited. It only took a few minutes and was sparkling when i got it back :)
mamajen Posts: 2263
can't understand why it would take 3 weeks, I do mine myself with a solution I got in the jewellers, always comes up gorgeous!! I have to get mine dipped (as it's white gold) before the wedding and was told that will take 3 days
allie12 Posts: 458
Three weeks? That is crazy, and to be honest I would be a bit scared they would replace the diamond (paranoid!!). >:o) Ernst & Jones in Dundrum do it as you wait, as most other jewellers do. Even if you are having it re-dipped, if it is white gold, then it only takes 4 days!! O:|
bibsy11 Posts: 125
Thanks for all the replies girls.. turns out, when i asked the jewellers about getting my ring cleaned, they told me it would take 3 wks.. but i have now found out that the 3 wks would be for to get it re-coated etc.. which is not what i had asked for!!! I just wanted it cleaned!! Anyways i've now found out that 3 wks for the re-coating is ridiculous too.,. i found a place that does this in half an hour.. Im getting the ring cleaned at the wkend, and it;ll only take a few mins!! Thanks for the replies again, i was thinking the 3 wks just didnt sound right.. and thats a very top of the range jewellers!!!?
Weldon Jewellers Posts: 47
Bibsy, I'd be happy to clean the ring for you, free of charge. It'll take about a minute to do it! Garret