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MrsK2be2016 Posts: 16
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Your getting married in 2020 and your thinking about it already!?!? Great that you want to save, you should set up a joint bank account of separate account for your wedding and just pile the money into it and litterly forget about the wedding. Like you'll tire yourself out by 2020! if you are dead set on a venue book it maybe 2 or 1.5 year in advance, I started planning our 11 months in advance and got everything I wanted, I have all the big stuff done, took me about 2 weeks to get all that and ill prob come back to it within the 6 month mark to sort out decorations and stuff like that. Trends and your taste will change over the next few years so just sit back, relax and squirrel the money away and enjoy each other! :heartbeat:
MrsK2be2016 Posts: 16
2016love Posts: 85
Most suppliers will only take bookings for the next 2 years so you won't be able to book anything for a while.
MrsK2be2016 Posts: 16
Good to hear, I can start to relax again...
CasualBride Posts: 574
The only exception I would make to the comments regarding timeframe, are if your date is on a bank holiday weekend, or NYE - those dates do book up years in advance, for both venues and suppliers!
MrsK2be2016 Posts: 16
worriedmammy2b Posts: 44
I don't see any problem with having a look at view venues over next year and booking a date, especially if you want a summer wedding, on a Friday or Sat. In the meantime, save, save, save! No way would I look at dresses or colour schemes as I know I would change my mind in four years as to what I want. You could start looking on Pinterest and creating a few different colour theme folders so you have your research started but not committing to anything.
MissyM67 Posts: 337
I agree with the other posters - the only thing I'd consider doing now is looking at venues esp if you want a Fri/Sat in the summer (ours was booked up 3 years in advance for these dates!!)
Vedalovelo Posts: 164
Ah lads, Ignore the people and their opinions and "advice". Plan it when YOU want. It's a bit early I'd say, but have a little dream. We started by writing down a very realistic budget on an excel sheet, everything down to a 30e bottle of champagne for the morning of. Nothing was left off it. Then we worked out how much we could save without making ourselves miserable. Then we calculated when the date would work. So maybe make out a savings plan so that you save comfortably but not too much. Have a faff around on pinterest and these websites but truly you'll probably change your mind a hundred times. Dresses get sorted a year to 6 months in advance, they don't advise earlier cuz your body and taste might change. Just enjoy this time. It's like window shopping and dreaming. And ignore everyone who is putting pressure on you, some people need hobbies!! In magazines and online there's often a few pages about a time line of when to book stuff. You're a few years too early by those timelines, so RELAX And congratulations :)