Engaged...now where do I begin with wedding planning!!!?

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wifey2be2016 Posts: 52
Hello All!! I got engaged to my wonderful fiancé yesterday & I could not be any happier. :xox We are playing with the idea of September 2016.. Where do we go from here? Do we book venue & then the church? Any tips on dealing with hotels? Do they expect you to haggle with them on the package prices?! How far in advance do I need to order my dress & bridesmaids? Oh one thing, I had thought We would have no kids at our wedding but OH said he would be heartbroken if his then 3 year old Nephew was not at the wedding! Should I roll with it and ask him to be our Ring Barer or something ? Should the child then go to the room for the evening with a babysitter or attend the reception as well ? I just dont want a crying baby :-8 :-8 Any advice?! I Look forward to the replies.. thanks in advance :compress
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Congrats! You are on the ball signing up the next day, just right! I love this forum on it all the time lol. We looked at venues about 2 weeks after getting engaged, and booked the second one we saw, we only saw two. Next we booked the mass, we told the priest we had the venue provisionally booked, because I've heard of some priests not being happy that the most important part is booked way down the line after photographers etc lol. We're engaged 6 months, not getting married to Dec 2016, and I could get married Dec 2015 we've nearly it all organised! My advice would be, after you book your venue, don't book everything all at once! In saying that, becuase we're getting married over Xmas, a lot of things were booked up so we had to act fast once we found something we liked. But I have so little to still do - bridesmaid dress, suits, page boy outfits, mass booklets, pew ends and centrepieces! Re. children at the mass, I feel your pain..... OH has 3 nieces and nephews and another is on the way, my initial reaction was to say no kids but if it was my sister's child I'd think diffretnly. So we are going to have just immediate family's children and not any of the cousins children. MIL will have something to say but sure! enjoy all the parties and celebrations! xx
Acoustra Posts: 43
Hi. Congratulations. As a band member I would suggest looking for a band fairly soon if you are having one. We like a lot of others are already taking bookings for 2017. Our group is called Acoustra if I can be of help let me know. Regards Pat
ForeverOB2015 Posts: 90
congratulations! such an exciting time! my advice would be if you have a vendor you know you want, book them, once u know your date. you don't want to leave it because you feel its 2 early & then try book them & they are already booked. but don't rush into picking stuff you arnt sure about. what I wanted 18 months ago when I got engaged is different to what I want now, in terms of decoration, extras, etc. its very easy to get carried away buying stuff when you are first engaged, but only do this if you are certain its what you want, u don't want to pay twice because you change your mind in a few months when it all settles down! best of luck & have fun!
SR0205 Posts: 254
We only got engaged last August and are already back from honeymoon! We knew we didn't want a long engagement but didn't have a specific date in mind. We also knew the band, hotel and church we wanted so we got in touch with the band and hotel and asked for their free Fridays and Saturdays between April and May. There were a couple overlapping and then we contacted the church. Everything fell into place for the 18th of April and then we organised everything else around that date. You have loads of time. Exactly 9 months from the day we got engaged we flew home from honeymoon. And everything was exactly what we wanted.
Mcaye15 Posts: 67
Firstly massive congrats... It's an amazing time so enjoy every minute and don't stress. A month after getting engaged we booked hotel and church. With the hotel we did haggle a bit... Everyone does it so don't be afraid to. Next on the list was the band and photographer I kind of wanted first pick of the crop so I jumped in early with all the big things(we were engaged for 2 years) I ordered my bm dresses and my own dress about 8 months before but start looking as soon as you want it's the only way you'll get a good idea of what you want!! The kids issue..... I really don't think you should deny him his nephew being there... I could not imagine if my nieces and nephews had not been part of my day... A kid screaming will be far from your thoughts on the day.... Hope Iv been helpful and feel free to ask whatever you want x
janine0187 Posts: 28
Congratulations first of all. We've been engaged 3 1/2 years now and planning our wedding for July next year. Because it is a bank holiday weekend it is very popular so I had to book all the main things like venue, music and photographer. To give you an idea the photographer I wanted originally was already booked. So regarding that definitely book asap. Next on my list now is look at wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. One of my bridesmaids would like to try it on now where the other prefers not to do anything about it until next year because she's afraid it won't fit. What do you do in that case?
Laura_Whelan Posts: 56
Congratulations to you both. I am newly engaged also and planning on getting married end of 2016 or start of 2017. I'll be checking with venues shortly with regards to dates and at the same time talking to our priest and bouncing date options with both and going from there. I will be having kids at mine as we both have a lot of nieces and nephews, we will have them up to a certain time only and both families already know this as it is what happened at another family this year. Best of luck to you.
bridgie32 Posts: 49
Congratulations . . Definitely start looking at your budget, numbers and venue first . . .we were engaged for years and kept putting it off but once we found a venue that we both liked it was like a weight lifted off our shoulders and everything else started falling into place . . .loads to do but great fun once you don't stress about the small stuff!