Engagement ring insurance

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littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Does anyone know of a place that would insure my ring on its own, without other house contents and within an accommodation sharing situation. Nearly three months later and I still haven't insured it. H2B says I don't need to, but I would be happier doing it. Easy for him to say that now, but I bet he wouldn't be happy to have to buy another one if it went missing tomorrow. :o0
Martiespride Posts: 997
it needs to be mentioned on your house insurance. any insurance company should cover it.
blitzbuster Posts: 115
try FBD. i insured mine with them and found them excellent. they will insure it straight away and then you have to send in your valuation certificate
14082010 Posts: 2103
Sorry i dont know of anywhere that insures them, but i can definitely recommend it :eek as i had the scare of my life on new years day about 6pm happened to look at my finger and ring was gone O:| O:| I cant describe the feelin i had inside,i tore the house apart,pulled the wheelie bin apart cryin my heart out,h2b was just as bad,it was an absolute horrible horrible feeling,stormed outside bawlin my eyes out at 10pm.pitch black out and seen it on the road :eek :eek What are the chances of that :o0 Never want to experience that again, so i flew out and insured it with the house insurance just in case :eek So get out there girl and do it :wv Sorry for long post :wv
rubies Posts: 1375
I'm nearly certain that if you're renting you can still get contents cover on the property and can include your ring on this policy. I used a broker to get the best quote for our insurance. If you want their name pm me. I spent a day searching for mine once and I was nearly sick with worry even with it insured! You'll need to provide a valuation to have it listed on the policy.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Is the valuation the certificate that comes with it or something else I would have to get? Ulster bank did quote me and didn't mention that. they wanted to cover all the contents, which is awkward when sharing with five others, as I am not paying to insure all their contents as well. The furniture etc. is insured by the landlord. UB quoted me over €130 a year. Is that dear?
rubies Posts: 1375
You can only really insure something you have an 'insurable interest' in so if something happened to your housemates belongings you would be unlikely to be paid out for them. I think 130 isn't bad if it puts your mind at ease. I'd say it's standard enough for contents only. When we purchased my ring I got cert and valuation. Mine was made for me so ring designer gave his valuation and I needed to send it to insurer. The policy might not require separate valuation if ring is below a certain value. I think with my policy it wasn't necessary if below 2k or something.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Oh right, thanks. The policy would still cover things like ur laptop and computer and tv though, so it would be worth it I suppose.
Jemina Posts: 29
hello I was trying to insure my ring during the week. Now the jeweller told us to insure it for all risks as most rings are lost or damaged away from the house. It all depends on the carat etc but mine is valued at 6000 and and a 1.15 carat and it cost an extra 59 euro so its best to shop around. that was with simply mortgages
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Mine is 0.4karat and it cost about a grand. No more. that is why H2B doesn't feel it would be worth insuring.