Engagement ring insurance

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Louthdudes Posts: 67
Anyone any ideas on engagement ring insurance? I don't and won't have house insurance for a while but would also like the peace of mind of having my ring insurance. Any suggestions?
DollyDumDrops Posts: 67
Hi, I got my ring insured with Zurich through Chill insurance, we had to get Contents only on our apartment to get the ring insured, I think we got the contents insured for a certain amount and then added the ring as a special item. we just had to send in a copy of the ring cert to show proof of value. Hope this helps
DeeAM Posts: 19
Also check out specialist jewellary insurance. We have contents insurance, but to add on my ring, they insisted that we needed to take out "portable goods in and out of house" section, which also covers things like iPads, bikes, cameras etc. We don't really have much in that way and thought the price was very expensive then to add on the ring. We are in England and I have mine insured through TH March. They will also replace the ring with like for like, some won't, so be sure to check that out. Don't know any in Ireland off top of my head but a quick google should help you out. When we renewed our contents insurance this year, I searched around and found that best value as sticking with our insurance for contents and keeping ring separate. I was then able to add our wedding rings to the ring insurance for free because they are under a certain value. Hope that helps.
Louthdudes Posts: 67
Thank you for that. I looked at TM - they do offer a service in Ireland. I couldn't find any others. I thought they were a little dear though.
mmmaria Posts: 80
Did you check if the jewellers you bought it in offer insurance? Thats were we got ours for my engagement and both wedding rings, there was a fixed price for the first 5 years and it was extremely reasonable :)
Louthdudes Posts: 67
No, unfortunately they don't offer it.