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kaki Posts: 5
Hi girls, We are hoping to get engaged this summer. O-O Was hoping some of you could give me some advice on where to look for rings based on your experiences? I've been advised to go to Antwerp for value for money. We have a modest budget, so any advice would be appreciated, Thanks x
kaki Posts: 5
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Mrs Boop Posts: 828
Hi Kaki, Congrats! :o)ll We got engaged in New York, and the ring is valued at double what my h2b paid for it. There's a Diamond District there, if you google it you'll find out exactly where it is, you'll be spoilt for choice. I have also heard Antwerp is good for diamonds, I'm currently looking into buying my wedding band, I want diamonds in it, Antwerp was suggested to me, maybe someone who has been to buy a ring could give you some info on that. Dubai is also supposed to be excellent, I'd say see where you'd like to go on holiday also and take it from there. Do a search on here at post on 'wedding rings' and 'engagement rings' and you'll get some ideas. Best of luck with it!
lolly77 Posts: 851
:wv Congrates!!!!! Where in the country are you and where do you plan on traveling to, to get it? I got mine in killarney. on new street, its a jewers and jew makers in one. If you got time they could make something for you!
kaki Posts: 5
I'm in Dublin, but we can take our time choosing a ring. I'm open to every suggestion. thanks for the advice, it's just nice to know where's good and where to avoid!
rubies Posts: 1375
My advice would be to look around in jewellers and decide what type of ring you want. We went to Antwerp and had mine made but this was mostly because I wanted something slightly different than what I saw here and I had a design in my head which thankfully I could convey to a man who made it exactly as I wanted it. We had a great experience but don't know if it's for everyone. I adore my ring but it was a bit confusing picking out diamonds and I kind of think that there's too much emphasis on the 4 c's etc no matter where you pick it. We spent ages deciding and then thinking we'll go for an E instead of an F etc.. in reality if you like the look of the ring just go for it because the idea is that you're going to wear it forever and the fact that it's valued at more than you paid doesn't really matter at the end of the day because you're not really going to be heading off to sell it for a profit in a few years, well hopefully we won't :o0. Enjoy the looking around and go ahead and get engaged straight away I wish I'd done it years before we did but only realise that now. :wv
kaki Posts: 5
Thanks Rubies, that's really sweet x
mack2b Posts: 19
I went to NYC also for mine also definately with the price of the dollar at the moment it is worth it and the diamonds appear to be better quality. It was certainly valued higher here. If you are thinking of staying in Dublin there is a place on Abbey street where you can buy your diamond and make your ring and it works out better value. Also there is which is similar where you can get the ring made and usually that works out better value. Congrats and hope this helps
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
hi! Congrats! :o)ll :wv Your going to spend a lot of money so whatever you do ensure that you are buying from someone you trust if its not in this country as your comeback on it wont be as strong should anything be wrong. At least if you buy it here you have peace of mind... and as another poster said its not about it being valued at XXXXX... Best of Luck :wv :lvs
hectic Posts: 528
We went to Patrick Glynn.....i think he's middle abbey street in Dublin......anyway, i couldn't recommend him enough. If you have a design in your head he can make it to suit......also, he has a huge selection if, like me, you don't know what you want......i tried on loads and then decided on what i wanted....he had it ready for me in a week.....and we were very pleasantly surprised by his prices....hope this helps and best of luck with the engagement!