Engagement Shoot - Trim...Any ideas?? (pics added)

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DizzyVic Posts: 180
Hi there, got our engagement shoot this weekend and no idea what to expect! What to wear?! Want a casual summer feel... . Also, location will be Trim County Meath. Photographer wants us to pick 3 or 4 locations. Any suggestions?? Please help!! Thank you. DizzyVic
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Try Trim Castle, in the centre of Trim. Huge big ruin which will be a gorgeous backdrop for photos. Around the back of the castle there's a gorgeous bridge over the river which would make some good shots. Also then, Trim Castle Hotel, directly across from teh castle itself has a stunning rooftop terrace, so you could ask them if you could get some pics there. Or you could be really cheeky and just march across to the lifts and go up to it without asking! There's also a beautiful church directly beside the hotel which has lovely gardens. We had our reception at Trim Castle Hotel and got some lovely photos on the bridge and then on the rooftop terrace. Hope this helps!
dmcphotography Posts: 1365
Hi DizzyVic, If your photographer has suggested Trim and is familiar with the area then he or she should not be expecting you to suggest locations. If it is any help to you the locations that I normally use in Trim are: The Millenium Bridge with either The Castle or the Yellow Steeple in the background or leaning over the bridge looking at The River Boyne. The Sheepgate just across the Millenium Bridge. The Riverside walks along the banks of the river. The roof terrace of the Trim Castle Hotel with the castle in the background. There is also a lovely forked tree near the stocks at the castle which can be used as a creative frame for romantic portraits. Have a great time during your engagement shoot, just relax and go with the flow for the most natural photographs. David
highbeam Posts: 2578
(I dont know what its called but Ill try explain where it is) If you go out the Dublin Road from Trim and turn left down to the little one way bridge, with the pub. There is an old church ruin on the right handside, and then if you cross the bridge and walk through the graveyard there is another old church ruin there.(I think the Trim River walk ends up near it but not sure) Bective Abbey is only a 15 minute drive and is a lovely old ruin which you can get in around, and has some nice arches. Enjoy :wv
DizzyVic Posts: 180
Ah thanks a mill for all the suggestions. That's brilliant. We've only just moved to Trim so don't know the area very well. Photographer isn't local so asked us to pick the locations. At least we have lots to choose from! Only problem is, I think there's some heritage festival on tomorrow! Town could be very busy...already mortified at the thought of people watching us pose for pics! Also wrecking my heaad trying to figure out what to wear. Should I be going for jeans or a dress??
DizzyVic Posts: 180
Just wanted to say thank you for everyone's ideas! Just got our link to our engagement pics!! And they are brilliant. Scenery in Trim is amazing!! So picturesque! I've posted the link below if anyone wants to take a sneak peak. Click on client zone username = vicky and philip password = engagement Can't wait for the wedding now!!
yippeeme Posts: 2139
Fab pics! Thanks for letting us have a nose! :wv
Lindy79 Posts: 460
Aw those pictures are beautiful!
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Oh wow! They turned out great. I was trying to pick a favourite but I can't. Theres so many fab ones.
paperclips Posts: 3146
Love ALL your photos. They are fab :o)ll