Engraving on band

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Leanne2112 Posts: 313
I know it's kind of a 'how long is a piece of string' question but how many characters will/do you have on your wedding band? My band is size O and OH's is size T, mine has a few teeny diamonds on the top (don't know is that relevant for engraving?) and i'm looking for 21 characters including spaces on mine, is that way too many? They're on order from Fields at the moment, they should be in in about 4 weeks and I forgot to ask about engraving!
Micky Pat Posts: 69
Hi Leanne2112 I have my engagement ring engraved - its a size M if I remember correctly and there is 11 characters on mine including a space! It will all depend on your ring & also if your engraving can fit, you may need to shorten it but you should contact them & double check! We're getting our wedding rings engraved aswell and I think there'll be roughly 14 characters each on ours!! I love having my rings engraved, its so personal!! Hope you get sorted!! :compress