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hestia Posts: 2368
Kinda hesitating blasting the post button with this but just been wondering what other wimmin think really. When it comes to some of us having babies. It's instinctive to be happy for others and let wimmin go free with the chat on it, especially given the difficulties many encounter with getting there. I've just become alert to a few in my own circle who, well, never f*cking shut up about it, for want of a better expression. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be more happy for them, sure aren't I about to hatch one meself. But there's a balance to be struck, isn't there? And I don't necessarily mean messageboards. There's a dedicated section here and it's part of the ebb and flow of chat but I get this uncontrollable urge to gag others when they go on, and on, and on, and on , and f*cking on. It can come on the back of the most unrelated topic but they'll spectacularly manage to shoehorn it in somehow. Keeping the sensitivity and balance. Tricky one for some. Any thoughts or are you rolling your eyes at my over-re-actionary histrionics. I haven't actually gagged anyone. Yet. Just a thought for bowling down the alley of chat among yis. Would be particularly interested to hear from those without children too. Maybe I don't reserve the right to volunteer on behalf of their annoyance as well as me own.
black pearl Posts: 3513
couldnt agree more, I myself have a wee baba but I cannot stand people who only talk about their kids, it drives me bananas!! I work in an office of about 8 in our section and four have babies four dont, so we usually have a few words in the morn about how the babas are but thats it, its then onto company gossip and all sorts really, but I dont undestand how people go from being someone who hates talking about kids as they dont have any , to having a child and he/she being the only thing they can speak about for 18 years!!!! >:o(
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Sure, we all know someone like that - "baby this, baby that, you won't believe what my amazing child did". Worst though are grandparents and the perfect grandchild. I have lots of friends with kids though and to be fair most are not like this. Yes they talk about the child but this is a big part of their lives so of course they will talk about them but they are more than capable of chatting about other things too. There are always the few though.........
hestia Posts: 2368
Enough already is one of those grindingly irrirating phrases. Feel free to berate me for that, if nothing else. I insist on it.
hestia Posts: 2368
And yeah, natter of kids is one thing. Going on (and on and on, whatever the context) about being pregnant. Well, probably the same I suppose. But you know what I mean.
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I think what people forget is that in general, no-one is really interested in a child that isn't a blood relation...
hestia Posts: 2368
But there's a difference between having a child and the whole chat with pregnancy and conceiving, isn't there? Subtle but significant.
randomusername Posts: 2134
Yeah noticed that a lot over the past while here. Grand when its in p&b or even m&k but someone who starts almost every sentence with "we're expecting our first child". FFS you are not the first person to go through a pregnancy stop relating everything back to it O:| It's so silly. Thankfully I don't know anyone in real life like that, any of my friends who have had babies or are pregnant are happy to talk about the normal things we always talked about pre conception. Having a child is wonderful but it is amazing to see women who such a short time ago denounced those who threw themselves into motherhood now bore everyone to death with their tales of imminent motherhood :o0
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
Oh I know someone like this. A 'friend' with two children, constantly going on about her genius older child, the younger one doesn't exist. I hate going to gatherings with her there, she spends 90pc of the time telling stories that I've already heard 10million times. One good thing I learned through her though was to keep schtum when it comes to my own and how annoying it is hearing about others kids all the time. Even if I'm specifically asked about them I keep the updates short and sweet. As for the pregnancy thing, I learned quickly first time round to keep quiet, I knew too many people ttc and one in particular took it badly when I told her I was expecting. I haven't really noticed it on the forums though, only one recent one comes to mind.
hadtoleave Posts: 2522