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ammi Posts: 8
Hi ladies, I'm looking for some assistance regarding entertainment. The venue for our reception is a small castle in Co. Leitrim. We are having approx. 60 people for a meal and would like to provide some entertainment in the evening. The main hall where entertainment takes place is set out with armchairs and occasional tables - there is no dance floor. The usual wedding bands are not suitable as there is not enough room and they would be too loud for the venue. I am looking at probably a one/two person act playing guitar/piano, etc. and singing. Ideally I'd love someone who has a fairly modern range of pieces but I don't want the one-man-band-with-drum-box type of act playing country&western type music with the odd waltz thrown in. If you have any suggestions and know where I could hear the act in advance, I'd really appreciate it. Thanx in advance.
tammie Posts: 169
Hi there .. would you consider having a ceili .. there are some great groups out there and you could have a really good session .. with singing and some dancing ..
ammi Posts: 8
Hi Tammie, Don't think the ceili idea would be the best for the crew we're having. We're not the typical wedding couple in that we're 40-something and our guests will range from 35ish to 70ish - not all of them the liveliest bunch you've ever met. I'd need a paramedic on hand to kick-start the pacemakers! What I'm really looking for is someone (or two) who is entertaining but that can blend into the background so that our guests can chat away and not have to shout over the music - a bit like in a good pub/restaurant that doesn't feel the need to crank the volume up as the night goes on! Thanks for the suggestion though. If I was a few years younger with a bit more energy and had a different venue, I'd consider it seriously as an option.