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maymommie Posts: 109
Hi all, I'm due in a few day's, am attending C.U.M.H. Just wondering would love to manage labour with gas and air and my tens machine but not ruling out the epidural. Q is when i go upto hospital in labour if I say no when they ask me will I be getting epidural can I not change my mind. Should I just say yes to be on the safe side even if I decide not to get it. O-O
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
I would say yes, and if you find you don't need it later on, then just don't get it. In fact, I told them in the hospital that I wanted one even before they asked :o0
theoracle Posts: 7664
Yes you can change your mind. I'd say they are pretty much used to it! :o0
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
I managed fine on just the gas and air. but you can ask for the epi if you really fel you need it. i was so so glad i dident get the epi as i had a shower befor my visitors came. stay out of the bad as long as you can. The midwifes i had in the cumh was fantastic. best of luck all you can do is your best and if you need the epi then get the epi.
GentleBirth Posts: 750
CUMH do tend to be quite supportive for keeping birth as normal as possible and changing your mind is always an option. I'm not sure if I would ask for it right away if you don't need it right then - just in case it bumped another Mum further down who really does need it (and when you need it every minute of delay is a loooooong minute). I heard the CUMH labour pool was due to open earlier this week - if it did then that's a fantastic alternative to the epi. Best of luck! Tracy
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
oh gosh of course you can change your mind hun dont be worrying bout that!