Epidural & Tens Machine

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Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Due to my medical history I have to have an Epidural, would there be any need for me to get a Tens machine, would I get value from it?
mayday08 Posts: 704
I doubt i would bother getting a tens machine if you are absoluelty sure you are havifn an epidural.
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
i dont know you would have to be three centemetres ish for an epidural id say it might help in the early stages to get you there. why not cant hurt!
birdseye Posts: 26
I had an epidural but only after about 12 hours of being in labour. I found that the TENS machine didn't necessarily take away much of the pain but it did distract me a little. I wouldn't buy one but would think of hiring one. Every little helps!
star13 Posts: 291
Hi! Haven't used it yet but we found it was better value to buy rather than rent the TENS machine, it was only about 20 euro more and for the sake of having it for more than 2 wks before due date for peace of mind, we felt it was worth it. We got it from irish website recommended at physio antenatal class.
Wife09 Posts: 873
Well you wont be able to get the EPI till you're at least 3cm, and you have to get to 3cm first. Could happen quick and nicely for you but the thing about the tens is you can always use it afterwards for pain. It just impossible to know how you'll find it up to 3cm. I got this one the physio in the coombe recommended from physiosupplies.ie , its €60 about the cheapest around. Why not post in mums and kids and see how people got on up to 3cms with and without a tens machine?
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Wife09 what is the name of the one you got, I've the TPN200 Plus that my dad has for his back, Ill have to bring it to the classes/ hospital to see if I can use it,
Wife09 Posts: 873
My dad had a tens too, a pulsar one, very posh altogether but I checked with the physio and because it had no 'boost button' she said I would be better getting a new one. So I bought the Neurolactic Labour Tens. The boost button is a separate hand held device and you push boost when you feel contraction coming on. The rest of the tens is just there running away as normal. I tried it out on my hand (as your not supposed to use till 37weeks) and by jeepers I imagine Ill be very glad of the boost button alright. I had used tens before and am comfortable using them. But what they reccomended in class was to go into boots and try one on your hand if you never used it before as some girls dont like the sensation on their skin. Thought this is good idea if you never used one.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
[quote="wife09":17bre94o]you wont be able to get the EPI till you're at least 3cm[/quote:17bre94o] The midwife at the antenatal class last week told me that I would get the epi at 1cm, before the class I also thought I wouldn't get epi until 3/4cm so I was going to get tens machine in order to get through the pain to that point. She said that if you are definitely getting an epi (which I am) then they'll give it at 1cm. They usually wait until 3/4cm if you are choosing on the day whether you are going to get it.
Wife09 Posts: 873
Oh ok, I dont really know then, but they do say to use the tens machine from your initial contractions. Maybe ask the girls on Mums and Kids as I think you might get more traffic over there.