Epilepsy and conception

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Miss Twinkle Posts: 230
Hi ladies, I haven't posted here for a while, to those of you who replied in the past, I thank you most sincerely. It is a great relief to hear of others who have had positive outcomes. My hope is to conceive a baby soon. I am blessed with 2 children already. My epilepsy medication started after seizures in the second trimester of my last pregnancy. I am plagued and tormented with worry on and off about my second child, whether the medication will, in the future affect her, especially as she was breastfed, there were varying opinions on whether or not to breastfeed, experts all had different opinions so in the end, I went with my heart and ambition to do with what we believed was the very best for her. We haven't begun ttc yet but dread the worry of conceiving on medication as the baby will be exposed to it from the start. Can anybody recommend any prenatal vitamins that don't contain a very high level of folic acid as I'm already on 5mg with the 1,000mg Keppra? Life is never straightforward. Thank you for your kindness.
atina Posts: 2240
I cant offer much advise but I do know there is an epilepsy pregnancy register maybe they can help you?
LittleLily Posts: 3682
On the folic acid, I've no idea I'm afraid but if you could nab a staff member in your local health food shop they could probably point you in the right direction. On the pregnancy part, you could do a search on motherisk.org. Its a resource for research into all things pregnancy. I used it to find information on my asthma meds and a medication I was prescribed for morning sickness. On the breastfeeding side heres some information from breastfeeding expert Jack Newmans site. [url:2b6ywnqd]http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/content.php?pagename=doc-B-M[/url:2b6ywnqd] You can also email them with specific questions if you wanted. Even just glancing at the article, it seems like you did the right thing last time round. Apparently most antiepileptic drugs are safe to use while breastfeeding.