Episiotomy wound

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ScaredyKat Posts: 365
Hi I had my baby girl on 1st Oct and had an episiotomy with ventouse delivery as baby was in destress. My wound was very sore afterwards but I assumed that was normal...first baby and all and not knowing any better. When PHN came to me the day after I was discharged she told me wound was infected and was starting to open. She told me to get anti-b's which I did and started that day. The next day the stitches began to open and I ended up in Gynae. Doc seen me, said wound was open and badly infected. Put me on more anti-b's and pain killers. At that stage I couldn't sit or lie down I was so sore. Anyway I've been back in Gynae twice since for check ups. When in today I was told wound was still infected slightly and I wasn't keeping it clean enough. I felt like a bold child leaving the doc like it was my fault. I am showering after everytime I go to the toilet. I'm cleaning the wound with saline solution and gauze. I'm changing my pad every hour. I'm having sitz baths. And I am just finishing my 3rd course on anti-b's. Is there anything else I can be doing to help keep it clean? Am I doing something I shouldn't be doing. The first doc told me not to have the baths just to shower but PHN is saying to have sitz baths. Its been two weeks today since I came home and I really amn't anymore forward. Wound is very open too and they talked about re suturing last week but doc today just said it will heal like any other cut but will take a few weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as docs aren't seeing me again and I need to try to keep it as clean as possible and hope it heals sooner rather than later. Thanks a million.
Mrsh09 Posts: 282
Hi Velma, Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. I had the same delivery as yourself on the 22/09/10. I am attending Physio for a slight prolapse and she advised me not to overclean the area either. I was in a bad way after the episiotomy but luckily did not get an infection. Heres what I did, firstly I started taking Arnica straiaght awat and continued taking it like smarties for about 2 weeks, I was also prescribed Difene this really helped with the swelling of the area. I firsty had a shower every morn and was told not to use and products on that region just water. I added a cap full of distilled witch hazel to a squirty bottle and filled it with warm water, everytime I went to the loo I poured this over me. Lastly I added lavender oil and tea tree oil to a bath and sat in it for 10 mins a day only. HTH and you get some relief soon :lvs
Babymama12 Posts: 267
Hi Velma congrats on your little one. I had my wee man nearly 6 weeks ago. Like you he was distressed so I had a forceps delivery and ended up with quit a large episiotomy. About 3 days after the birth my wound totally opened. I was advised to bathe 2/3 times daily in tea tree and lavendar- when I say bathe I mean just a little water and have a swish about for 5/10 minutes. My midwife came to my house every day to check my wound and she always said it was spotless clean. I put this down to the tea tree. I also took antibiotics to avoid infection which I did thankfully. Also I have been smearing manuka honey on my wound the last few weeks and this has helped lots to heal it. My midwife advised this. You can buy it in any good health shop. Please pm me if you want any other info and I hope this helps you x
ScaredyKat Posts: 365
Thanks girls. Its good to know that I'm doing enough if not too much. When I told Doc today my cleaning routine she told me i'd need to be doing it more. Its lavender and tea tree I'm putting in my bath as well. Had stopped these for a week as previous Doc had said I shouldn't be having baths with infected wound but nurse told me last week that I should be having them. MrsH09 I have been taking arnica too and this had reduced the bruising greatly. Only for them I'd say i'd be worse off. New Carville, I have the manuka honey on advise of a midwife. Have used it a few times but was told now to wait til infection cleared and then use it for healing wound. So I'll keep doing what I'm doing and will ask PHN tomorrow if its clean. Thanks again girls.