epu - Galway?

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buffster Posts: 251
My gp mentioned the last time I was there that theres a epu (early pregnancy unit) in Galway city that you can go to for a scan if your worried about anything. Couldn't see anything on the net and gp is away, does anyone know where this is, is it at the university hospital? Thanks :thnk
bring it on aug 07 Posts: 414
Didn't hear about one in Galway but there is one in the Mayo General Hospital in Castlebar 094 9042632. Hope everything is ok
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Unfortunately Buffster your doctor is mistaken. I am going to be having my baby in UCHG and there is no EPU. You can however, with a referral from your doctor, get an early scan (between 8 and 12 weeks only) at the Galway Clinic. It will cost you 180Euro.
buffster Posts: 251
Thanks for the replies ladies. Movement of babs is sporadic, feeling alot for a few days and now past day and a half hardly anything, so I just thought it would be good to know where to go to get it checked if it continued. I'm due to have baby in dublin as we're moving so don't have the midwives in galway to check in with, would have to go all the way to dublin. Anyway sure all is fine, just being a worrier :wv