Im nearly 5 weeks.Went to my doctor yesterday. She said I shouldnt have to take pregnacare ,if I m eating well. She said look at all the women around the world that have babies and dont take supplements.I then said I was interested in taking a omega supplement as I dont eat alot of fish and its technically defienct in the western diet. She said if I want take the pregnacare or the fish oil. I have been taking Eskimo oil 5ml daily.So I am going to stick with that until please god Im 16 weeks. iI read that its in the first 12 weeks that the eyes brain and other things are developing and omega 3,6 are essential at that time. Eskimo is probably the best one on the market. Its great you can take one spoonful and I m done for the rest of the day. Just wondering if anyone else is taking mum omega or eskimo oil during their pregnancy. ,and if so how are they getting on andif they have had a baby since taking it ,did they think they were better for taking it. Please respond. xxx :xxx