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PrincessBride_07 Posts: 517
Ok haven't even started dress shopping yet but have picked out about 10 dresses that I'd love on the Essence website...does anyone know if these are stocked widely around Dublin/elsehwere? Also what sort of prices would they be in general??
Mrs Jones Posts: 566
hi princess bride, I tried on a fab Essence dress but it was in England so don't know where sells them here. The one I tried was about 1300 euro. Others may be cheaper though cos this one had loads of swarovski crystals on it
AislinnS Posts: 1253
I do believe that Town Bride or Ciara Bridal in Powerscourt centre stocks them. Can't remember which one....think it's TB.
tallulah Posts: 484
Hi Princess, I got my Essence dress in Town Bride in the powerscourt centre, they really are fab aren't they :D deffo my fav by far (obviously!)
SaJa Posts: 4282
I think there is one in Galway and another in Donegal or somewhere like that. If you go back onto the Essence website you can find a list of all the stores by go through their store locator. It should show you a good deal of shops. Best of luck with the hunt. :P
PrincessBride_07 Posts: 517
Oooh thanks, god if they were less than €1500 I'd be chuffed. They really are fab, honestly made out a list of the ones I love from the website and there's dreading going to try them on as won't be able to decide!!
tallulah Posts: 484
Mine was €1600 plus alterations so you shouldn't be too for off the €1500 mark. I'm just so excited about seeing it again and they really are super in Town Bride if you go in there. They know everything there is to know and just made me look and feel sooooo pretty!
jarashow Posts: 3083
Which one did you get tallulah ? You got a pic ?
bride2007 Posts: 76
Hi Princess Bride, Join the club! I've picked out an Essence dress and I really love their collection. I've done alot of sourcing so far.....Town Bride, Bridal Corner, Mc Elhinneys and Tracy Bridal are all stockists. However, I didn't like the selection they had in Town Bride, Bridal Corner didn't have any of the ones I was looking for and Mc Elhinneys in Ballybofey have the stock but once they sell the dress then it's gone from the store so you can't try them on! Tracy Bridal have the best stock and it was in that shop that I tried on the one I'm going for. Wait for it.....the price is €1185! I had no idea of the price when I had it on and I loved it, then when I heard the price I was delighted. In saying that I've sourced the same dress in a reputable shop in NY and I'm ordering it from them.....I'm getting it for €535! Tracy Bridal (Galway) was where I was introduced to the Essense collection and they have the best choice. I'm going to McElhinneys again this Sat (my fiance's from there) so I'm going to check them out again to see what they have. The Essense dresses in Tracy Bridal were even nicer in the flesh than on the website and I just love their dresses on the website!
The Stig Posts: 106