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Mrs P2be Posts: 453
Hi Everyone Just beginning to get organised here for the big arrival! I was just wondering what kind of quantities of items to have in and ready for the baby to get us through the first few weeks - we want to avoid as much as possible having to go to the shops for clothes etc until we get a routine sorted. Ive used the sticky up top to organise the labour bag etc but I was wondering for being at home more so - heres the list of what i have so far (excluding the big items such as cot buggy etc) - could ye have a look and let me know what ye think or if i need more of anything. Thanks (all clothes are 0-3months as its measuring to be a big baby) 16 vests 12 baby grows with mits 1 cardi and trouser outfit 2 snow suits (bubs is due in early sept) 4 pair of mit 3 hats 1 long sleeve vest 5 bibs (hoping to BF) 4 muslin squares 2 moses basket sheets 2 pram sheets 4 cot sheets (know i wont need these for a while) 2 blankets 2 swaddle blankets what do ye think? Am i short of anything?
Mammy nua Posts: 241
I'm no expert but i'd be thinking you will need more sheets as they can spit up at lot. If you have only two you might run out or have to be washing constantly. Pillow cases might work for the moses basket though! Expecting my 1st in august so i'm at the same stage as you now trying to get organised. So exciting :o)ll
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
I would have lots more muslin cloths. They are very handy to have at hand for spills and spit ups. I would also have some newborn clothes too. Even for the first few days, they make it easier to get a handle on what size your baby is, which makes it easier to hold them. The vests that can be opened at the front are great for the first few days too, especially if you are not used to changing babies.
Daff Posts: 11644
Do you have a tumble dryer? I don't and needed way more than what you have on the list The sheets alone you could go through 3/4 in a day with teh spewing etc. Also would need way more bibs. I was flying through them and DD was BF. Also more muslins, can never have enoough. If you don't have a drier than I'd get more babygros too. DD could go through 5/6 in a day on a bad day! Then would need enough to fill a wash and wait for them to dry. You won't believe how messy babies can be :o0
pinkframe Posts: 628
Hiya MrsP2Be! One thing on the clothes - I'm so tempted to buy lots of little cute outfits but family + friends keep telling me to hold back & only buy the essentials as the amount of clothes you get as gifts is overwhelming. Can't see someone giving a pack of Muslins & a pram sheet as a gift so perhaps focus on accumulating a few more of those as opposed to babygros etc!
Daff Posts: 11644
everyone said that to me about the gifts but tbh they are usually a few sizes bigger as people buy them so they'll grow into them. Also they tend to be outfits rather than babygros which are lovely but DD didn't really wear when in the house. I kept her in babygrows as long as possible cause was changing her so often and was more comfortable for her.
Duffers Posts: 1841
Same here, nobody buys little vests or babygros really as gifts. The vest from Tesco were great with the buttons all the way down the front, but beware..they're sizing is quite big. I had to get "early baby" for DS (6lbs 9oz)! (And I was told to expect an 8lb-er) If your lo is anything like our little monkey was...he used to suck the mits and ended up needing alot more. More sheets too if you can and muslins. HTH
Mrs P2be Posts: 453
Thanks giries - so really I need more of everything!!! In hindsight 2 sheets is madness I really do need more though like the idea of the pillowcases!! Just trying to get organised as only 3 more pay cheques til maternity leave so need to split the cost out a bit! So do you think that i should really double up on everything on the list? Well maybe except the vests?
pinkframe Posts: 628
Hmmm, defo on the sheets etc but will ya not want to buy pink/blue babygros when baba is here? Like I counted our neutrals earlier, newborn I've 12 vests & 9 babygros & 0-3mths, I've 15 vests & 10 babygros. Since we found out the sex last week, I'm already starting to go off the neutral gear & have bought 6 newborn babygros in gender colour. I know I'll want them in colours as opposed to creams & lemons when they are physically here! Jus something to consider!
Anne Boleyn Posts: 709
I'd definitely buy more bibs too- I always use them to try to save the babygros or outfits from spit-ups. To save moses basket sheets, I always tuck a doubled-over muslin around the mattress where the baby's head would be. You might then get away with not having to change the sheet if it's not a big puke! I bought a pack of 20 muslins in mothercare- they really are essential. Definitely don't buy outfits- you will get LOADS & at the start the baby will probably only wear babygros anyway. I've only been dressing DD in the last 4 weeks or so as she's begun to grow into some of the outfits she got as presents. HTH :wv