Eternity Style Ring As Engagement Ring

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cabbagehead Posts: 3899
OK, I swear I was about to post this befor Soon2bMrs started her thread :o0 I have been window-shopping and internet snooping with OH for an engagement ring. We're planning on going shopping in Antwerp in November (both of our birthdays are in that month :o)ll ) and are trying to get ideas now. I haven't tried on any rings yet (we won't be able to buy for a few months and I don't want to torture myself for too long :o0 ) so I have no real idea what suits me. But I love the look of "eternity" rings. I like the style and the fact that they can be a bit more subtle-looking. I feel a solitaire wouldn't be "me". Does anyone have any thoughts on this?? Anyone get this style of ring as an engagement ring, and have any comments? Thanks ladies!
Deirdre Langan Photography Posts: 65
[img:3jz7z6ti]*?m=1&g=1[/img:3jz7z6ti] Hi cabbagehead. I answered Soon2beMrs thread too :-) I went for this eternity/engagement ring but like I said, I love watches more than I do rings so I got an engagement watch plus a token ring to symbolise our engagement. I don't know if it matters to you, but I have noticed that not one person has asked me if I'm engaged. I have seen people look at my ring but I think they assume it's a wedding ring. It does look a bit insignificant at the moment by itself but one thing I did like when I was trying on rings is that this one sits nicely with a wedding band (tho' I may not wear mine once I've a wedding band as I'm not used to wearing rings). Best thing is to try them all on and hopefully you'll fall in love with one particular style :-)
Voltaire Diamonds Posts: 517
Hi CabbageHead, I would like to introduce my Diamond business Voltaire Diamonds. I meet all clients privately in offices on St Stephens Green, Dublin. Due to my low overhead structure, prices are significantly lower than high street. I also carry a very wide range of Eternity Ring styles, over 600 in the collection. Ring styles are available in gold, platinum and palladium. My website only has a small selection from the overall collection. Due to my low overheads, I GUARANTEE to beat any prices for engagement rings and eternity rings in Antwerp providing you are comparing similar quality diamonds. We also specialise in bespoke designs, so if you have a style in mind we can have it handmade to suit your specifications. The following links cover - my website, facebook page, recent interview on Youtube and some recent comments from Voltaire Diamonds customers on ... 497?ref=mf ... 92&page=27 If you are interested in booking an appointment I would be delighted to hear from you. Kind regards Séamus Fahy
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
hey chicks- the only thing I would say is consider how your wedding ring is going to look with whatever engagement ring you choose. A lot of wedding rings look like eterninty rings so would 2 similiar bands looks a bit much together?? Dont rule a solitare out- go and try on loads of different types of'd be surprised what actually suits your hand and what does not. Personaly I ended up picking a ring that was very different from what I had thought I would get. Here is a picture of my eternity ring. Also- if you want any advice on Antwerp pm me :wv
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Thanks for all the replies! @ Deirdre - beautiful ring! And I think it's cool that you got an engagement watch - I'm thinking of buying my OH an engagement mountain bike as he definitely prefers those to jewellery :o0 @ Seamus - thanks very much for the information, but I actually live about an hour's drive from Antwerp, I'm guessing flights to and accommodation in Dublin would go a long way to eroding the savings you could offer? But thank you for taking the time to reply, I've had a long look through your website and am now in love with about half of your stock :o0 @ Columbo - beautiful ring!! I'm beginning to have a thing for princess cut diamonds, just looking at different images. I definitely take your point about not deciding anything til I see one on my finger. I have yet to actually try anything on, and am definitely open to tooootally changing my mind (and knowing myself, I probably will :o0 ) I know what you mean about taking the wedding band into consideration - but that's actually part of what's attracting me to the eternity style, because I think it could look lovely with a plain wedding band of the same width. God I can't wait to try a few on!!!!!