Evaporation lines on Testforless?

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Anon-ttc Posts: 1
Hi Girls, Sorry, I'm going anon for this. I bought ovulation and pregnancy tests in bulk on Testforless. I am 8 dpo today. Testforless claim to detect the pregnancy hormone from 6 dpo. I have been testing but keep getting a very faint grey/white line after about 7/8 minutes. It says not to read the test after 10 minutes. I'm wondering if this is maybe an evaporation line? I've also been feeling decidedly yucky, last night had serious heartburn which I only ever in my life had before during my last pregnancy, but only towards the end. Any thoughts/ideas?
Ducky Posts: 2506
Not much good to you as never used those tests but I'd go and gt a digital one? Sounds good though!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Get yourself a digital test. I had a similar experience last month with what I thought were evap lines but were in fact v. faint positives! Good luck - hope it's the same for you!