Evening dresses - Maternity???

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Hopefully Posts: 254
Girls, getting way ahead of myself (a wedding in September which I'll be heavily pregnant for) but wondering if ye know of anywhere that does maternity evening dresses or going out dresses and not just be granny sacks !! :wv
Pumpernickle Posts: 206
I had 3 weddings while I was pregnant - didn't see anything suitable in the shops but saw lovely dresses online.... there's loads of maternity clothes websites now....
kazz Posts: 143
I have one coming up in 7 weeks and dreading going looking for something to wear although think it will be a top and trousers rather than a dress.
Elkie Posts: 127
Hi Hopefully, you're not the only one getting ahead of yourself, I started looking for dresses last week for a September wedding too! I ordered one off tiffanyrose.com last Wednesday and it arrived on Monday. I'm really pleased with it, it's a nice classic style and it's comfy yet elegant. It was 149stg and wasn't much extra in euros given the exchange rate at the mo and it's ten quid for delivery. It's my husband's brother's wedding so I was happy to spend that on it. I've 3 weddings before that in May and June so if I can work out who'll be at which wedding I should get to wear it to one of those aswell! I definitely recommend that site
eadaoinfar2 Posts: 19
I love the range from . they have a lovely selection of classy special occasion dresses - all less than €150.
ellee Posts: 666
Isabella Oliver is also nice *)