Evening Herald article about miscarriage in the Rotunda

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Gone2007 Posts: 4182
Did anyone see it today? Front page and a nother page inside. A woman (who was a nurse) had miscarried in the Rotunda and was treated very poorly. I didn't get a chance to read all of it but she had been very upset by it and wrote to the paper and they picked it up for a front page story. The thing is I know from two close friends that that womans experience is far from unique, in fact it seems to be par for the course in there and I had said to both of them before that they should contact the papers or something that people should know what it was like. But of course they were too raw at the time to follow it up. But after seeing that today one of them is thinking of doing something, even writing in to say that that woman wasn't alone. I was just wondering how any of you who have suffered m/c felt about the article today and would you write in about it?
NotHere Posts: 10273
God that is awful! We're not in the dark ages anymore, it's crazy that people can be treated so badly >:o(
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I saw that! A friend of mine only told me today, that she was left in casualty for 4 hours with her last pregnancy, bleeding - sitting on a chair, all alone ( as they wouldn't allow anyone in with her). Thankfully it was all ok in the end, but seemingly crap antenatal care in early pregnancy is all too common. Time we all stood up for ourselves - its a disgrace, you would be shocked to even hear of it happening in a third world country! :eek :eek :eek
breeze Posts: 1175
I saw it to on e,y way home from work, just had to get the paper. That poor women, and what she went through. My heart goes out to her and her family
Port Princess Posts: 1154
When I was pregnant with DS2 I started bleeding at about 9 weeks I was soo frightened and went to Holles Street they put me on a ward and left me 2 nights without doing a scan or anything so I was left for 2 nights in hospital on a ward were people were before their labour started not knowing if I was after loosing the baby!!! Went in at Wednesday lunch time and they didnt scan me till friday morning. Thankfully everything was okay but it was horrible at the time!! I changed to the rotunda after that and i have to say I found them great!!!
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
i didnt see the article today I'm raging... I have to say I thought OLOL in dorgheda were terrible when we went in first I wasnt bleeding a huge amount admitedly but to me it was a lot of blood they didnt seem to get this... I waited for 2 hours and only saw a doctor because a family member works in the hospital and literally dragged doc into the room.. neither he or the nurse had good english so it was very difficult to understand what they were telling us... throughout the week we were back and forth to the hospital as advised when bleeding or pain became worse each time I waited for hours (longest was 4) to be seen and in the interim I was taken behind a curtain every half hour or so to show a nurse my sanitary towel, this was a very degrading experience for me and I hated it. however when I went back last sat they finally admitted me and still continued to say my bleeding wasn't heavy... I eventually lost it at one of the nurses and told them for me this was heavier tehn my heaviest periods so while it might not be the texas chainsaw masacre to her for me this was an extraordinary amount of blood. I will say this much though my opinion of the hospital was tainted because I wanted them to save my baby which they couldn't on both sat and sunday my hubby was allowed to be with me from 7.30 in the morn until I went asleep at night, the nursing staff where great when we asked questions or when I was upset and they tried their best to console me and help me out... the doctors I saw (2 of them) were very cheerful and tried to make me smile thru a difficult time they both held my hand when speaking to me and sat on my bed to tell me and hubby all bout the procedures etc.... all in all when I left the hospital I was delighted witht the care I had received but obviously if the doctors and nurses and space wasn't so stretched to capacity then the small gripes I have would be none existant.... all in all tho I would be more then happy to go back there when I get pregnant again and all my doctors and nurses wished me well and everyone of them said tehy can't wait to see me back screaming with labour pains!! one of the nurses even waited until I was out of surgery (1.5 hours after her shift ended ) to make sure I was ok cos I was so upset going to get my d&C. sorry I didnt mean for this post to be so long but I was tryin to say at the time i hated and blamed all of them for what was happening but afterwards I saw how kind they actually were to me about the whole thing
sunflowers26/09/07 Posts: 512
I only saw the front page of the paper this evening on my way home, but it comes as no suprise to me. A friend of mine went to the Rotunda bleeding at around 10 weeks on a Saturday, she waited hours to see a doctor and when she finally saw one he couldt tell her whether she was miscarring or not, just to go home and come back in if she was to bleed again. The next day she started to bleed again and went back in. She was left for 4 hours in the general waiting area, beside women in labour, people visiting and celebrating the birth of babies. Sadly she did lose the baby. Surely there should be an area where women and their partners can go and sit in comfort while they wait for a doctor. I had to visit the emergency room in the Rotunda early on in my pregnacy due to extreme vomiting and my partner was not allowed near the room with me. Very poor service if you ask me.
MsHogan Posts: 87
I have just asked h2b to go out and buy it for me after reading this post. I was attending the rotunda and m/c in Oct and had a really horrendous time there. I was left waiting for hours in reception, told by a doctor and I quote 'this scanner is the equivalent of an 1942 irish television so don't worry if you can't see anything', his way of fobbing me off and trying to move the problem on to the early fetal assessment unit imo, sent home, began haemorrhaging, went back in, left waiting in reception again for hours despite having been assured on the phone this wouldn't happen, at times I had to stand as there wasn’t even enough seats. Thought I was going to fall over at this stage I was so weak, suffering very very severe blood loss ny now, they lost my notes, had to keep retelling my symptoms to each member of staff I met, it goes on, honestly but the absolute icing on cake was when I was kept in overnight on a ward having just lost my baby with women who were in early labour/being kept in with complications, pre-eclampsia etc with doppler machines monitoring their babies heartbeats.I can’t describe what an awful experience this was for me. I'm not sure if I should even post this as I don't want to scare the girls who are attending there but I hate that hospital as a result of all that happened to me there. Sadly had another m/c last month (both were at about 12 weeks) this time attended holles st and it couldn’t have been more different they were absolutely brilliant,really looked after me, although look what happened to imgb, she had the opposite experience. I don’t want to be completely down on the rotunda, all of our health services are operating at 100% capacity and unfortunately it is the patients who ultimately suffer but this doesn’t really hit home until you are at the receiving end of bad treatment. Immediately afterwards I fully intent on writing a letter of complaint but then I was pregnant again almost immediately and I just thought I would try and move on. The wonderful way that holles st treated me really brought home just how bad the rotunda was, and believe me, what I have written here is only the half of it.. Sorry for the rant, I think I’m still very angry about what happened to me and I stress, I’m not saying it a terrible hospital, this is just my story, I don’t want to scare anyone and in a way I’m just venting here cos it’s still all quite raw, maybe I directed some of the loss I felt in anger at the hospital. I am going to write that letter I intended on writing though, if people don’t complain and make their voices heard how can things change?
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
I think everyone is in agreement that the Irish health system and our all our hospitals in dire straights. You are right to complain about your exp in the Rotunda, it does not only happen there unfortunatly but it seems in all our maternity hospitals. I could tell u a horror story about hollis st and the coombe. My self having had 2 children in the Rotunda had absoulutly no bad reports, and was in the early pregnancy unit wiht bleeding. Thankfully everything was ok. The unit itself is very small with 4 beds and the scanner is back in the 1970's. To get boring use ur vote wisley in these elections, ask the questions of our government or future new government and say that we need these issues addressed.. Im truley sorry for all your losses girls and am sending u all :xxx
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I think everybody will have a bad story to tell about all of the hospitals. I know I've heard horror stories about all of them. Personally I've had three losses with Holle St and have found them absolutley amazing. I bleed very heavily from 8 weeks to 24 on first pregnancy so was up and down like a yo yo. I was always seen quickly and got the best of care - I often didn't get answers but I think thats just the nature of pregnancy unfortunately. I think its terrible what happened to the lady in the Rotunda and I'm really glad that it has reached front page, as attention obviously needs to be brought to this issue if its happening.....