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Secondtimelucky Posts: 5
Hi, we are having a small civil ceremony, just family, and a dinner afterwards. In the evening time then we plan to have the party and have all friends and extended come. For the evening reception, we will have prosecco welcome drink and food bowls for everyone. Do you think people would expect also to get a few other drinks paid by us? Kinda feels like we should have a little something extra. Any thoughts?
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
No I don't think so at all. Some food & welcome drinks are plenty
excited2017 Posts: 12
Hiya, I dont think they would expect you too. People know or should know how costly weddings are. Im actually surprised if at a wedding and they are paying for a round of drinks but definitely dont expect that..
Secondtimelucky Posts: 5
Thanks girls