Evening Sickness

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amummynow Posts: 604
Anyone suffering with evening sickness/nausea rather than morning sickness I'm very bad this evening the thoughts of food even making me sick
Buzzo Posts: 1055
all day nausea here! comes and goes in waves all day. I've the motion sickness bands i've been wearing them constantly, they're really uncomfortable (tight) but when I take them off I feel crap again within half an hour. They don't cure it but I think they're improving it. i have to keep eating to feel okay, but at the same time nothing appeals to me. i haven't actually been sick though, which I'm very grateful for because I believe it doesn't really even give that much relief anyhow (not like when you're hungover :hic )
amummynow Posts: 604
I haven't actually been sick either but just feel rotten this evening is by far the worst Happy enough in one way as it's a symptom as I have been relatively symptom free except for the extreme tiredness and extremely sore boobs
hairdye Posts: 1129
Have started suffering from all day sickness :hic Only get sick in the morn, but feel sick all day long :o( Im just trying to eat several very small meals/snacks, rather than the usual 3 big meals. It's not easy that for sure, hope it gets better for you soon :xxx
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
I feel ill when I get up usually followed by getting sick then I feel like crap all day long no food appeals to me but i have to eat and when I do I feel like crap again. Think hubby is getting tired of looking at me either sleeping or feeling ill - f*ck him haha