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Shrub Posts: 956
:thnk What do you do in the evenings? Recently i have been laying about watching tv and generally doing nothing. Have been feeling guilty. What do you do? :thnk
clucky Posts: 26471
make dinner help youngfella with homework watch mindless tv go to bed occasionally throw a tennis ball for the dog if im feeling up to it
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
Spending my time on WOL :-8
ainm Posts: 2211
Recently i've been doing ALOT of painting. All the walls in the house. We're hoping to move in soon (its a new build) so i've been breaking my back working in it every night for the last few months and i'm exhausted!! [img:1zp80hvn]http://www.alexanderpringwilson.org/images/emoticons/tired.gif[/img:1zp80hvn]
Goldfish Posts: 135
I've been lazy-out in the evenings for a while now. I intend joing a gym and going to it at least 2 evenings a week in the next month or so (no sniggering - I will, really!)
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
I've been meaning to ask this question for ages as I always think other people do far more exciting stuff than me. When I was being healthy, the routine was dinner, walk, tv. Lately we've been doing stuff with the new house so now its house stuff, dinner and tv
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
i do a beauty course 2 evenings a week, coming to an end in next few weeks thank god because it really takes up loads of time. Other evenings catch up with house work, maybe go for a walk watch the soaps thats about it really.
dreamer Posts: 3941
It's mad. You always think everybody is off doing very exciting stuff in the evenings!!! I go for a long run 2-3 evenings a week. Have a wander around the shops another evening. Catch up on laundry and ironing another evening. I can never get to bed before 12.00 though!! I get lots of energy when I get home!! :hyper:
aylala Posts: 3673
Lately I have been working late and when I get in (around 9.30) I make a snack then have a potter round the house and watch tele/talk to H2B then hit the hay. I fond I have more energy working late and I get more done than if I was at home from 6
popple Posts: 1368
My evening routine is usually dinner, walk (odd evening) TV, I play tag rugby on tues and go to WW on weds... i feel like i should do more though!