Evo Fitness Bootcamp

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smarttie Posts: 97
Just thought I'd put up a post about a bootcamp I started in Newcastle. Its with Evo Fitness and is only €5 a session, they run them on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 in Peamount Football club, its indoors. I dont work for them or anything but they need more people to attend if they are going to keep the classes going so its a purely a selfish reason why I want people to attend. I have found the classes great and for a fiver you cant go wrong.
sakani Posts: 84
Hi smartie, what type of exercise is in these classes? Im unfit and tryin to get into a routine or class, would this be suitable for a beginner?
smarttie Posts: 97
Its a mix of cardio and some weight exercises. It's great for all levels, I'm not really fit and finding it great.
amthee Posts: 688
My sister goes to evo gym and has had great results but that's going five or six days a week and they have her on a mental diet of no carbs or sugars!